Being arty farty: September edition

Took the plunge and experimented using black art paper.

Hope you enjoy them 🙂

34 thoughts on “Being arty farty: September edition

    1. Hey Sindy! Thank you 🙂
      For these I used coloured pencils (the ones I used are soft wax based ?) It’s like the Prismacolour set…so the coloured tend to stand out. Also used coloured pens, mainly metallic colours and these new Sakura “moonlight” pens I got 😀

      As for’s strange. I mean I do have about 3.5 days free. That’s when I either schedule posts or do my art…and by right…need to also “study” the tarot and all that stuff, which I have not been doing 😛

      It’s strange because when I watch all these GORGEOUS art work on YouTube or when I read friend’s blogs who are artists they invest so much of time and care doing their art…most of these I took maximum about 2-3 hours…that too with some ciggie breaks in I seriously have no idea if it’s a good thing or bad…oh and remember…I do collect these for a month and then post it all together 😉


      1. Well then that just goes to show how very talented you are getting these beautiful mandalas to come to life in a matter of hours, must be because they are sort of channeled from another realm. 😉 I must have some of these Prismacolour pencils as the color saturation is so vivid! Lucky you have like 3.5 days off, in truth so do I but I tend to procrastinate my schoolwork therefore don’t have free time as I am thinking, “you have to do xyz for school.” lol

        I should go to the art supply for a canvas, and some pencils, but I am procrastinating Geography, cleaning the house and a host of other things. I have a printer but I don’t know how to get it connected yet. Or I could print some mandalas, but I would need those groovy pencils. Aha…oh the games my ego loves to play with me!

        Love you girl~ I think I am going to do your cards today though! 😉 Yeah!


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