Autobiography of a Yogi (6)

Paramahansa Yogananda as depicted on the cover...
Paramahansa Yogananda as depicted on the cover of Autobiography of a Yogi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the month of October, I would like to share with you some quotes and passages from the book Autobiography of a Yogi which shares the life of Paramahansa Yogananda ( January 5, 1893 – March 7, 1952). It was written by Paramahansa Yogananda and details his life long search of the Divine from childhood. As I type this, I’m only about slightly more than half done but felt it would be nice to share some of the passages which caught my attention (and that of my highlighter) πŸ˜‰

I’m planning to go through the parts to share in order of their appearance in the book.

From Chapter 35: The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya in Lotus position
Lahiri Mahasaya in Lotus position (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Remember that you belong to no one and that no one belongs to you. Reflect that some day you will suddenly have to leave everything in this world – so make the acquaintance of God now,”

He only is wise who devotes himself to realizing, not reading only, the ancient revelation,” he said. “Solve all your problems through meditation. Exchange unprofitable speculations for actual God-communion.

“Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look in the sky to find the moon, not in the pond.” – Persian proverb

In science our relation with Nature i like that between an arrogant man and his servant; or in a philosophical sense, Nature is like a captive in the witness box. We cross-examine her, challenge her, and minutely weigh her evidence in human scales that cannot measure her hidden values.

From Chapter 36: Babaji’s Interest in the West

“Child’, the master said, though apparently I was nearly twice his own age, ‘for the faults of the many, judge not the whole. Everything on earth is of mixed character, like a mingling of sand and sugar. Be like the wise ant that seizes only the sugar, and leaves the sand untouched.

14 thoughts on “Autobiography of a Yogi (6)

  1. Some very interesting quotes there. No matter how we look at things, there is usually some other different but equally valid way to see it or explain it. We often think ours is the only way, though.


    1. True. So true. That’s when everyone gets totally riled up over nothing. It’s like one person says the sky is blue and the other says that the sky is light blue….the thing is…the sky is blue..whatever shade it maybe!


  2. For a long while I searched in Books! Shree, and they gave me a good grounding of knowledge, But who can teach us to read ourselves? for it is within each must go and find that which makes us whole and complete… Loved the Quote “β€œSeek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look in the sky to find the moon, not in the pond.”, that to me spoke volumes! πŸ™‚


    1. I still search books Sue but I also realize that I don’t *have* to remember everything because what I need to know, I will remember..the soul retains.

      Guess that’s one thing I am learning. To take what resonates with me and it’s quite okay to let those that don’t go by!


      1. exactly, I still read, lots, and some books I have never got passed the first couple of chapters as in essence I already know what they are saying.
        And I say that not to be seem knowledgeable I am far from that.. But people often write books ( Spiritual content etc ) saying the same in a different way…
        Its just that deep down I have a kind of ‘Knowing’ and its good when books confirm what I know and yet haven’t read it anywhere… Then I get all excited and say to myself, I knew that! How did I know that?

        I feel we all tap into the Cosmic Consciousness and many books, like my poems are inspired as we tap into that thought grid out there as many pick up ideas at the same time…

        I learn something new every day, and especially love this autobiography as so much resonates with me..

        So a Big thank you for sharing and the time it takes to plan and post πŸ™‚


        1. Aww you’re most welcome!

          It’s true what you say about books of this genre being so familiar because really there is only so much to say…but there are so many books out there..but each having it’s own purpose as different people resonate differently to different content..


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