Being arty farty: October Edition

You know, it’s awfully nice to buy presents for yourself because you know exactly what you want! For me, buying presents for myself is something kinda new. I’ve always been the one who claps her hands with glee when she gets pressies, specially if they were surprise pressies and it didn’t matter if I got a pair of socks! I still loved the feeling of holding the package, sniffing it, shaking it, tearing open the wrapping paper and finding out what it was!

So what did I get myself? The Prismacolor Premier 60 box set , 2 books on sacred geometry and some lovely Sakura pens!

For this month’s edition of Being arty farty I used the Prismacolors and Sakura Gelly Roll and Pigma pens exclusively.

Untitled: Original
Untitled: Original

The next four are the exact same mandala I printed off from here.

I call it The Abode of the Seasons series..LOL.


I just want to say that I am totally in love with the Prismacolor Premier set. The colours are vibrant and easily blended. I watched this YouTuber colouring with them and decided that they were well worth the hefty price tag. Enjoy some awesomely magical art! I chose this particular video because the music is awesome and’s Captain Jack Sparrow! Aaaarrrrr! LOL


24 thoughts on “Being arty farty: October Edition

  1. Simply gorgeous Shree. I especially love the first one!

    BTW, I think you forgot to display a certain item on this particular post 🙂
    Let me know if you need me to jog your memory. ( Us scorpios never forget hehe!)

    xx Linda


    1. Thank you Linda!
      Hahahha! I wondered if you’d notice 😉
      I’ve made it part of my first post for the month of November. Signed up for blogging daily in it’ll be out 1st November 😀


  2. Oooh, I just love your mandalas! Make me want to get my old Prismacolors out, but they aren’t nearly as nice as the new ones, I’m sure. There’s just something about new coloured pencils that’s irresistible. And that video… wow! Thanks for sharing.


    1. You’re welcome Diane!! I love Heather Rooney’s videos!! And thank you for saying you love the mandalas too! 🙂

      You should take them out..your Prismacolours..and try them 🙂 Maybe use them for your comic series? 😉


  3. Prismacolor were always the best, but too expensive for me. I had Laurentiens, probably a Canadian brand, which were the best pencil crayons that most people around here had. I think the largest set I had was the 32 colour one. I still have a box of used pencil crayons that I never use.

    I like your mandalas, how you blended the first one, and how the other set all looks so different depending n how you coloured them.


    1. Thanks Peter 🙂 I’m really glad you liked them 😀
      Hmm..never heard of that brand before…now…I wonder…
      LOL…stationery shop and I can be a dangerous combination to my bank account 😛


  4. Fabulous, as I work down through my email list.. love them all, and I have saved the video to watch later as its getting late here..
    Enjoy your weekend Shree… and its always good to treat ourselves 🙂 xxxx


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