It’s November..

So. This will be my first post for November. For those who have been following my blog for some time now  you would probably realise that it’s:

  1. The 1st of November.
  2. Not a Wednesday or a Sunday which is when I usually post blogs.
  3. I have 2  new “cute” extra pictures on the side bar
  4. I’ve done this before (kinda) and then disappeared from the face of WordPress for a good five months after.

The NaBloPoMo 2010 Badge. Click image to get to BlogHer site
The NaBloPoMo 2010 Badge. Click image to get to BlogHer site

The thing is, I signed up for the NaBloWriMo NanoBloPoMo  NaBloPoMo for the month of November, which I think can be safely said to be  more hyped up. From what little I know ( to prove how little , the little I know is, I am still having trouble with its abbreviation) it’s more talked about because November is also the NaNoWriMo so those who don’t have a No to Wri, they can Blo a Po for the Mo 😀

By the way if you didn’t already know (and also I’m lazy to Google it for myself every time) :

  • NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month
  • NaBloPoMo = National Blog Posting Month
  • There is no such thing as NaBloWriMo or NanoBloPoMo…that was me making things up.

To make this even more interesting (referring to point number 4 in the list above), I have not only signed up to Rara’s team, (Go Team NanoPoblano!) I have also signed up to guest post at the YeahWrite site (thanks to Rara and Erica), added my blog to the long, long blogroll at BlogHer (as an “incentive” to stay motivated for the month), “signed up” for Rara’s Label Day challenge thingy and signed up for Linda’s ( at litebeingchronicles) Retrograde challenge. 

*Laughs out loud* Excuse the snort…I’m typing this on the 30th of October and am feeling just a tiny bit hysterical at this point..hehe.

On the flip side though, I’m very curious to see how I actually handle this month of daily blogging. I tried the WordPress Daily Post challenge a couple of years ago, in my now deleted blog (may it rest in peace). The only reason I took up that challenge was because I liked how the badge looked on some of the blogs I visited, mhmm. I pushed through for about two months, then completely burned out I disappeared from anything blog related for the next 5 months or so. The lesson my friend is never do anything for the sake of “cute badges or buttons”.

I’m not going to give myself this list of “What I shall accomplish in this month of daily posting blog posts” because these sorts of things don’t really work for me. I’m not even going to be actually posting “daily” posts, more of scheduling a few posts at a go because of my work schedule, which is going to make this an even more interesting month.

On a different tangent, I want to also take this opportunity to:

1. Thank Linda from litebeingchronicles for giving her readers an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing. A few months ago she set up this friendly challenge for her readers to come up with a badge to gift to her blog’s commenters as she had reached her 1000th comment and wanted to gift it to said 1000th commenter. She also invited the participants to share their creations in their blogs and well…conveniently blaming my culture for this, I didn’t do that because well…it just felt like it wouldn’t be…polite. She made sure to correct such silly thoughts…so here’s the badge that I submitted, which was gifted to Gloria for being the 1000th commenter.


2.  I want to give a BIG THANK YOU for all who have visited my blog. I reached just over 10,000 views and am really quite thrilled since it’s the very first time I’ve achieved something like this!

As a Thank you, please have a cookie posted with LOVE
As a Thank you, please have a cookie posted with LOVE

3. I also want to give a great big welcome to those who have newly followed me and another round of thank you’s to all of you who have graciously followed my blog, commented on them and liked the posts this past year !

Thank you clicking the follow button and WELCOME!!
Thank you clicking the follow button and WELCOME!!
Please help yourself to some ice cream :) (Click image to take you to source..interesting article on What your fav. ice cream flavour says about your personality)
Please help yourself to some ice cream 🙂
(Click image to take you to source..interesting article on What your fav. ice cream flavour says about your personality)



Or, if it's cold where you are, grab some yummy hot chocolate (Click image to get to source)
Or, if it’s cold where you are, grab some yummy hot chocolate (Click image to get to source)









4. I want to thank Sue for gifting her readers with the badge below. Of the many, many blogs that I’ve owned (a moment of silence to my now deleted blogs), the friends  I have made in this community specially since I started this Heartsongs Blog, has been an awesome experience. It’s amazing how many similar and like-minded people I have come across and it’s been a really cool journey from becoming just blog buddies to connecting with some outside of blog land, learning about one another and also learning from each of you!

Please click image to take you to Sue's blog post on this.
Please click image to take you to Sue’s blog post on this.

The creator of this badge, Shaun, requested anyone who took this to post his reasons for it. So I’ve copied and pasted it directly of Sue’s post:

“This is an award for everyone who is part of the “Word Press Family” I start this award on the basis that the Word Press family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only Word Press can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award.”

As with any “award” there are some rules:

Shaun’s Rules:
1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award 
2. Display the Award
3. Display the text in Red as I want people to know why I made it.
4. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press”

I’m not nominating anyone because in some form or another you have all become a part of my world. What I will do however is follow Sue’s “new rule” for this:

New Rule: So if you have commented upon Heartsongs Blog in the Last 15 posts , then you have picked up the  WordPress Family award created by Shaun.

Ok then. I think I’m all done for this post!

See you …tomorrow..for the next 30 days!! 🙂



31 thoughts on “It’s November..

  1. Wow, is it November yet? I am sooooo glad you took ownership of your award winning award! Oh and it will be so incredible to see you post each day. Please don’t burn out this time – Libra’s need balance above all else.
    I dig the ice cream and cookies.
    so glad we are in the same family, I may change my last name to WordPress, what do ya think?

    love and hugs and encouragement ( buckets full)

    Linda xx

    PS, guess what time it was when I arrived here? 11:11 PM 🙂


    1. Ooo…you have a good connection with 11:11…angels 🙂
      And yes! I reached November about 12 hours before you..hehe.

      Yea..thanks for nudging me to take ownership of it…it’s a strange way how I looked at it, BUT this was an opportunity to claim my own and take a step forwards…so thank you 🙂

      Thank you for saying you will be looking forward to my daily posts!! Totally awesome to hear…and yes, I am going to keep that balance in the fore front of my mind as I get into it..

      And noooo….not WordPress…well as long as it’s hyphenated with your real last name…now that would be cool 😉

      *big hugs and love and thank you* for the encouragement 🙂


    1. Hey Julianne, I replied you on your blog…but yes…you can post on your puppy’s blog…it’s free write…so anything goes 🙂 Having puppy posts will be awesome 🙂


  2. YUMMM… licks lips as she slurps the last of that hot chocolate as I brush the crumbs off my laptop, Looks like November is going to be Busy BUSY… And that designed award you made Linda is brilliant by the way..
    Thank you for the mention and I am pleased you took up the award… I hope more do, I may not have made it that clear in the new rule lol… but I am thrilled you took it… I have so many wonderful blogging Family of friends,, And love your sense of humour…. Laughs as she slides the icecream chocolate chip mint into her mouth!

    Enjoy your Weekend Shree…… Love to you
    Sue xoxox


    1. Oh…so glad you enjoyed the cookie, hot chocolate and ice cream! 😉 LOL

      You’re most welcome…I used to see that award on a few blogs..and glad for the gift 🙂

      Yup…November is going to be BUSY on the blog end…the first two weeks of December is going to be crazy on the work front…I’m working 12.5 hours a day for 6 days a week for two weeks! Eeek….

      BUT I do get the rest of the days off from the 22nd till end of the year 😀


  3. Thanks for the cookie!
    Now I wouldn’t mind hearing from you more often, but not if you burn out and disappear. If you do, I’ll have to send out the WBRS (Wombie Blog Rescue Squad) to bring you back!


  4. I forget that you live in the future, Shree! That means you’ll be a post ahead of me all month– yay! I’ll have something to look forward to reading. 🙂 But yeah, no disappearing afterward… we’ll find you. 😉 😀


    1. Yup! I come to you from the fuuuuuuuutuuuuure!! OoooOOOoooo…hehehe.
      Thank you for saying that you’re looking forward to reading the posts!!
      And yes…I shall be careful with this month…I’m curious to see if I learned anything from my past


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