On Stephen King

Stephen King, American author best known for h...
Stephen King, American author best known for his enormously popular horror novels. King was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just completed reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

Love that man…actually love his mind!

This is my attempt in “Counting the ways I love Stephen King”

I remember a couple of years ago (about nine years if we want to get a little more exact), I had written something about how much I loved Stephen King in one of my now resting in peace blogs. I got a comment from someone laughing at my love for him, saying that he’s a dirty looking man with greasy hair! Maybe he didn’t read my post right, or maybe the post was a little too confusing for him or something because I didn’t mean to say I loved Mr. King in a dream-fantasy-like romantic sort of way…that would be Colin Farrell, though 9 years ago it would have been Tom Cruise 😉

No. With Mr. King, I love his mind. I love his stories. I love his books. One of my dreams is to sit down to a nice cup of coffee with Mr.King’s mind! Be a fly on the wall of the room where he “pounds the keys”, where this awesome sort of story telling brilliance takes place. That’s the love I have for him.

Though my love affair with King’s stories have been going on for a long time it is only now that I realize why exactly that is so.

At the moment I’m typing this 26 of his books are resting in my book shelf, a few more grew legs and ran away some time in the past and the oldest in the collection is 20 years and 5 months old. Sigh..I *do* love old and musty books 🙂

Do you know why I love his stories so much?

I love his stories because they rip open the mundane everyday and shove the reader (me), into this world where anything and everything is possible. His stories take the normal, sweet looking Mr. and Mrs. Brown from a very normal seeming neighbourhood, living in a cute little duplex down the street from your house and exposes their darkest parts. They turn into monsters which lurk behind or deep inside their minds. He makes you wonder…does this deep dark river flow under my town too? Because, where ever there is light, there is the shadow.

I love King’s mind because no matter what he says about many a time not knowing where some of the material comes from…he is able to craft a whole novel based on one woman’s fears, thoughts and hopes as she’s chained on a bed with her lover at her side, dead from a heart attack.

He dared to go into the nightmare which must have plagued us all at some point or another when our pets passed on. It’s very nice and sweet to think of them running around in pet heaven, the story seems to say…but what if…..what if it’s dark and twisted. What if your nightmares were true…a different dimension, a different plane where dead pets were no longer loving.

He faced his and many other children’s fear of clowns. He let his mind wander and wonder about cars that ride the evil route and dogs that become rabid with something other than the virus.

He made me look at my cell phone with trepidation , he made me wonder about the battle of light and dark, that being authors need to come with a warning “Beware the disgruntled character you kill off, specially if he’s the murdering type!”; to what lengths would I go to get something I thought, believed I needed?

What happened to the past…what happened to yesterday…is it nothing but a dark void of total empty nothingness? Just this dark, dark gaping hole? It’s one of my favourite King’s short stories, that one.

I loved his stories not because it scared me. Blood and gore isn’t scary, it’s icky and smelly but it’s not scary. His books never gave me nightmares, but then again I only started reading them in the last year of teenhood. No. His stories made my eyes go wide, it made my mind stretch like one of those exercise bands, it made me wonder and it also made me want to explore…the possibilities.

I loved his stories because he takes what we fear and puts it in words. He creates these worlds which represents a lot of our fears, he also takes the light from within us and shines it on those fears, because you know the hero mostly, always usually wins 😉

I also realized something else. I just realized that Stephen King has this power to seduce me. Really…he does.

It doesn’t happen when I purchase the book…oh no. Purchasing King’s books is a done deal. It starts when I open the book to it’s first page. That first word. That first line. He talks to me, he smiles, he gently holds my hand in one and with the other he waves it in front of us and like a magician he opens a portal. A gentle pull, and I’m stepping into it. I breathe in, look around and keep walking, not worried that the door to this different world is closed tight.

By the time I’m a few pages in I’ve taken on a character. By the time I’m half way through the book I’ve been a few characters, moving from one to the other, depending on the scene. By this time I want to slap some sense into a few others. “Hurry up!” I exclaim in my mind. “Oh! What’s wrong with you? Can’t you SEE?” From not being able to tear my eyes away from the words, I’ll start looking away or keeping the book down, near me…always very near me, because that’s when my mind screams “Breathe! Remember to breathe!”. Eyes running across the page because I *have* to know what’s coming next. Is it going to work out? Were they being total idiots with the choices made?

Then I’m done. The story has been told leaving me breathless, my mind whirling. Closing my eyes, I smile and sigh “Now, *that* was an awesome story”, before my whirling mind takes me back replaying certain scenes, wondering if I’d done it differently and all other stuff 😉

So, that in 1072 words is how I love Stephen King’s stories 🙂


So, who are your favourite authors, and why?

If you’re a Stephen King fan, wanna guess some of the titles I talked about in this post? 😀

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35 thoughts on “On Stephen King

  1. My favorite author is Robert Louis Stevenson because he makes me think. He makes me understand I’m not the only one who sees what I see or feels what I feel. I love him. If I could meet him, he would get a hug and a “Thank you.”


    1. That’s awesome! I’ll have to admit that I haven’t really read many classics…watched movie adaptions of them…but you know..the books are always way better than the movies!
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting 🙂


  2. I confess I’m not too familiar with his books ~ I’ve seen a few of his movies. The Shining, Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Misery.

    He winters in Sarasota. He hasn’t invited us down for a cup of coffee yet.


    1. Oo…that’s really awesome to have him “close”..well I know I’d be having a good old time with my imagination coming across him at a book store…or the local cafe..hehe.

      King’s not for everyone, I totally agree..it’s the same with any author I think..or movie..

      I loved The Shawshank Redemption and I totally cried with The Green Mile..and Misery was good too! Kate Bates (I think that’s her name) is a great actress!


  3. Wow, you made Stephen King sexy.. You are a delightful reviewer Shree. I do not like this type of material ( but I enjoyed the original movie Carrie), yet I was taken in by your enthralling prose.

    BTW, according to the Reader you are up to 111 posts! Yea Shree! Time to host your own 111 Global party, I can help plan the menu if you like 🙂

    peace, Linda


    1. Hey Linda!! *hugs*
      I made him sexy eh? Heheh…well..his mind is…can you imagine King’s mind and Colin Farrell appearance and heart…wowza!!

      Thanks for liking my review!! Yea, King’s stories isn’t everyone’s cup of tea..:)

      Ooo…you’d help me plan the party?? That would be awesome!! How do we do this??


    1. I haven’t read his non horror stuff…for some reason I decided that since I wasn’t a proper writer I didn’t have the right to read it! I know…please don’t hit me with the “sensible broom” ..thanks 😀

      Can I please ask…what does it mean “Kill your darlings” and “kill your adverbs”?


      1. Stephen King coined the phrase “kill your darlings” to tell writers not to be afraid to cut: cut words; cut scenes; cut characters. Cut anything out of the story that doesn’t move it forward. He also hates adverbs and rails against writers who use them.


        1. Ooooh…wow…you know Andra…when I read that comment I just am now wondering…a book like Insomnia was about 800 pages long….how BIG must his draft have been!! O.O
          And to be honest there are times …when I wrote “my eyes run across the page”…yea, I just want the character to get on with it!! LOL


    1. It is!! It was a LONG time since I did that..and I started with re reading one of his books..and THEN I went out and got another one…loved it 😀

      Needed to balance the spiritual stuff with some Stephen King..hehehe


  4. Hi, Shree! I’m one of your Rowmies from Yeah Write’s NaBloPoMo grid. I have read much Stephen King and the story that stays with me? Bag of Bones. His writing in that one is just spot on, wow! I also break out On Writing regularly because it’s my favorite book on writing/usage/all things English teachers should have taught you ever.


    1. Hi!! Thank you for dropping by!
      I have the Bag of Bones..I’ve read it..but I can’t remember it! I find that there are certain books which stay with me, and some that don’t. Even King’s books! Insomnia stayed with me, I know 11/22/63 will too..some of this short stories like Thinner as well.
      I think I just might read Bag of Bones tonight..hehe. The problem with King is that once I open his book..I’m done for in the sleep and doing everything else departments..LOL.

      I don’t have the On Writing one…only because I thought I was just a wannabe..but I might just get it 🙂


  5. Hey Rowmie! I definitely know the feeling you are talking about in reading a book. Man, I love that feeling. But here is my confession – I have never read a single Stephen King book. I’m not really sure why, maybe because there are so many other books on my to read list? So hit me with your recommendation for which one I should start with and I will check it out from the library. My sister is a fan, but I’ve just not had the chance yet so far. As far as my favorite author, it’s Jodi Piccoult. She just writes very compelling characters, deals with huge ethical/moral issues, and then at the end of the book, it always turns out now how you expected it, but when you look back, it all makes perfect sense and falls into place and you wonder how you missed that all along.


    1. Hello there Melissa, fellow Rowmie (LOL)
      Stephen King isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, that’s true. But you know…it’s like every author have their own little tea party going on. For example, I made the mistake of reading Jodi Piccoult’s My Sister’s Keeper….not good. It lead me down the path to sadness..and totally felt depressed within half way through!! Oh and angry. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around the concept of having a child to harvest for another…where was the humanity in that…you know?
      Never touched another book from her after that…I’m scared to! LOL.
      If you’d like to try Stephen King, maybe a book of short stories. He has a few like The Tommyknockers, After Midnight, Nightshift…
      They aren’t BIG books and different stories in them..so you kind of get a feel of them. 🙂


  6. My Son used to buy loads of his books and I picked up a few and then put them back down, as good as his mind is I have too vivid imagination.. So have left most alone LOL.. But can see the fascination with his brilliant mind..:-)


    1. Hehehe…yes…I watched a YouTube video of him giving a talk to some writing / English major students. He seems nice enough..and oh..I don’t know Sue…he claims he really doesn’t know where most come from…some from dreams…but still…to keep asking Why…and to learn the answers…that would be fascinating!


    1. He is!!! Well…I think so..hehe. Some don’t like his style of writing and that’s fine too..you know?
      I don’t read the newspaper or watch the news. I prefer creepy and gory to depressing and heavy.. :/


  7. Loved your review, very insightful! I also just started reading Stephen King, and actually Bag of Bones was also my favorite so far. I have also read the cell phone one and Insomnia. He was not at all what I expected. Thanks to you I think I now “get” him a little better – why there is so much normal on the way to the extraordinary. The one about what happens to yesterday sounds interesting – which one is that? Really enjoyed your vivid word pictures and your beautiful capturing of emotions 🙂


    1. Hello! Thank you for dropping by and commenting 🙂
      I started re reading Bag of Bones today..:D

      Hmm…I need to Google the answer for you question…
      found it!!
      Its one of the stories from the book Four Pat Midnight and it’s called The Langoliers 😀


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