A poem

Photo credit: Jorge Maia. Click image for website
Photo credit: Jorge Maia. Click image for website

Our Father, Mother Divine

Source of ALL



GAIA by mearone. Click image for source.
GAIA by mearone. Click image for source.

Hallowed be Thy names

May the Kingdom of Heaven

Rich with Glory, Love, Joy and Light


Thy will

Bringing us closer to our Truth

Be done

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Click image for source
Click image for source

Eyes and hearts we open

To see and appreciate the abundance

Flowing within us

Like a river of Gold and Green

Pink and Blue

May it flow and fill us

With gratitude and joy

Click image for source
Click image for source

Our hearts we open

Learning to love and respect

Ourselves and those around us

Seeing within them, as within us

The power of Divinity

We are grateful.

Click for source
Click for source

As we open our wisdom

Learning to love and respect

The Divine spark in All Creation

We are grateful

Click for source
Click for source

As we embrace the lessons of this lifetime

May we be glad of these opportunities

To turn our Karma into Grace

May our hearts and souls be willing

May we trust and have faith

That they are here to bring us

Closer to You



Click image for source
Click image for source

With child like trust

Humbly we ask

Send down the Violet Flame

Into our beings.

Set us free from all which is born out of fear

Burn, burn, burn

Transmute all fear

Into Love.

Click for source
Click for source

For where there is love

There cannot be fear.




The power within shines

The light within shines

The love within shines


Into the World.

radiant light


This poem is a personal take on the Our Father prayer.

Though I may have written it, I truly feel that they weren’t truly my words, but Divinely inspired at a time when I needed to find something which resonated with me from within the familiar.

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26 thoughts on “A poem

        1. Oh Linda..you have no idea how I appreciate meeting you and having to call you a friend. ..well, the part of me which knows that I DO deserve to receive does…that other one which dithers about wanting acknowledgment and then satin it’s “bad” or “rude” isn’t too sure..LOL

          Hmm..I WILL! Once I reply all comment, I’m going to edit that poem and credit it….


  1. WOW! Shree, this is a beautiful take on Our Father, in fact much better if I may say so, and many do not understand how important the violet flame is.. In cleansing and protecting as well as filling us with ALL with its love as we transform and hopefully transcend..
    Love all the images you have found to go with your poem.. Totally Enchanting xxx Sue


    1. Dear Shree and Dear Sue,
      I wanted to reply here. Without much thinking I found myself dazzling in the glory of the violet flame picture. Violet .is the color for the crown chakra as we all know. I feel loved and in love each time with the touch of this color. Thank you all for highlighting it.
      And Shree, your poem and the relativity of the pictures are impressive.
      With love,
      Thank you.


      1. Hello Tabby! Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting too!

        It’s wonderful that you feel what you do with the Violet Flame. St. Germaine’s flame is supposed to be gentle and cleansing…so it is how you feel…the feeling of love..in fact the Divine is but love!

        Thank you too for your appreciation to the poem and images 🙂 It thanks you..:D


    2. Thank you so much Sue 🙂 The poem thanks you too! 🙂
      I wanted to share it but as I was typing it out on the post editor…my computer started to fall “ill” again….so I thought…maybe not to share?
      So I prepared another post, this time the laptop cooperated. After that I tried it again..this time it worked…maybe it was meant to be posted for the day it came out? Because I noticed that so many of the blogs I visited on that day had poems as posts as well!!


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