A quote and an apology

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 There is a quote or saying which goes: One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Just as one man’s meat is another’s poison, I’d say that if you talk about art in any of its forms and fashion too, what brings one pure, elated joy touching their hearts and making them cry out in absolute love would most probably cause another’s mind to fly over the cuckoo’s nest causing their hearts to cringe and run for the ever present closet from pure terror –  Shree Jacob

And so, having totally dissed those in the list below , I would like to extend my sincerest and profound apologies to:

  1. The 50 Shades of Grey series: for agreeing it was mostly nauseatingly crappy, even though I haven’t read it at all.
  2. To the Twilight series: for agreeing to the above and for almost jumping off the plane when the movie played was Breaking Dawn. I haven’t read any of these books either.
  3. For, just now snorting at the idea that the Twilight series is actually considered a saga. Ok..I know..this makes my apology look insincere, but I am trying!
  4. To Kristen Stewart: for agreeing by vigorously nodding my head to someone somewhere on the internet saying that her acting capabilities come with only two expressions. I *have* seen two of her movies. One mentioned above and the other was Snow White and the Huntsman.
  5. To Lady Gaga’s video producers and stylist: for almost always feeling literally ill with fright whenever I attempt to watch any of her music videos or come across pictures of her in  uhmm…interesting (very interesting) attires (??)
I now have this priceless picture of Lady Gaga with cigarette sunglasses and chains nestled together with images of mandalas. Now, is that  being open minded or what? Smoke Gets in your Eyes anyone? hehe (Click image for source)
I now have this priceless picture of Lady Gaga with cigarette sunglasses and chains nestled together with images of mandalas. Now, is that being open minded or what? Smoke Gets in your Eyes anyone? hehe (Click image for source)

Now, what prompted this post from me?

Well, I was at Goodreads and looked at the reviews for Stephen King’s book 11/22/63. Someone had mentioned in the beginning of her review: “Go ahead, book snobs. Proclaim haughtily that Stephen King is not Literature. I shall retort with a Pratchett quote, “Susan hated Literature. She’d much prefer to read a good book.” And nobody argues with Sir Terry.”

That’s when it hit me. When it comes to almost anything in life specially spirituality or religion, art, books, movies, fashion, food, sexual preference…it really is not our business to look down or up our noses at other’s. Because just as I completely despise anyone trying to shove their believes down my throat, others would too! Yes, I know. It seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? Sometimes I feel it always does…on hindsight or reflection. Which is a good thing. The thing is when we are waking up from our deep slumber and becoming more aware, then we start realising it as it is happening. Then the choice is again with us to either stop and say no more or bulldoze our way regardless.

And I shall keep endeavouring to be as aware as I should to not impose what I think is “right” and “great” and “wonderful” on others, I will swallow my fears when others seem to be “against me” because really most times in life it’s our perception that makes us feel that way, doesn’t it?; and I will instead state what I have to say in a respectable way.

*as I grin a naughty little grin* Can I just please say it again though…no..I shan’t. I’m going to be good. 😛


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34 thoughts on “A quote and an apology

    1. Well if you liked it…I hope this didn’t offend you! I wrote this post because I realised that I didn’t really like others putting down Stephen King’s book…it was a twinge but it was still there! Reading the reviews on Goodreads and seeing how some of the commenters were becoming a little too passionate about aye or nay…I realised in my own way I too was at fault…:)


      1. Not offended. I liked it when I was in high school then I grew up and re-read it and was like “Why in the world do I like this? He’s basically like a stalker and she has very little real personality.” I personally think it’s okay to like and dislike things because the world would be boring if we all like the same things but I understand where you’re coming from because I don’t like it when people diss Harry Potter


    1. Yup Nancy. I agree with that.
      I’m not faultless in this…I can see when I do it. Not so much things or art or movies …but I know it’s there..in the little things. Now I catch myself ..so that’s a good thing 😉


    1. Yes…those are wise words Andra. Sometimes though it’s a little difficult trying certain things…for example maybe thoughts on religion or sexual preference…sometimes even art…
      I guess it’s good to follow that old saying “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it”…though there are times we would need to say something, then it should be said respectfully.


  1. Funny you should write this post now. I think you know I like you and the way you think and share a lot of your views on things. But I hate Stephen King. That’s just something we will not agree on.


    1. Aha! I’m glad you still like me and the way I think even though we disagree on Stephen King!
      I get that he’s not to everyone’s liking which is fine. In fact like I’ve mentioned in the other comments I don’t *really* go around lambasting Twilight or 50 shades…well…unless I come across something on the internet..then my mind rolls his eyes..hehe.

      Oh and thank you for liking the way I think..:D


        1. 😉 well…to be fair…Colin Farrell isn’t that great of an actor too..well except for Minority Report where I wanted to hit his head with a baseball bat and Triage, but I still think he’s awesome 😛


          1. Colin Farrell is cute as hell. Kristen, is alright just not great at her craft. Now Jessica Lange, that woman can act.

            My least favorite actor of all time is Hayden Christensen. He ruined the Star Wars movies he was in.

            Okay and this is really funny. Just yesterday I see Darth Vader in a Disney commercial. I am like what does darth Vader have to do with Disney. Low and behold, to my surprise, Disney bought Lucasfilm a year ago from George Lucas for $4 billion dollars. I could not believe I had missed that news. lol


            1. Oh yea…I remember coming across that some where! about Disney buying ver Lucasfilm.
              It’s like every other industry is going through this process…where big companies eat up smaller companies…and in the end, I just hope we aren’t left with just one …that wouldn’t be right….


            2. Yes well, at least this way Lucas knows that Star Wars will be kept alive and generations to come will know it too. They have to do as well with it as Lucas did on his last 3 films. You know that Joseph Campbell was an adviser on the first 3 films he made, and to me are so much better.


  2. I’m so passionate about books I love that I try not to comment negatively on any author, haha– though the Twilight books annoyed me enough to inspire a few cracks here and there. 😀


    1. Hehe..I love books too. And usually I rarely comment negatively on any book or author. Most of these are “silent” negative comments…well except for Twilight because to be fair I did watch the second instalment for the series…

      But then again, it’s not often that I actually talk about these. I have friends who love both Twilight and 50 shades..I don’t say anything about it because well..it’s not nice.

      Just thought I’d do this post because it brought a grin to my face…LOL


  3. What a great post Shree. I agree that we could all use a huge dose of tolerance. I think, we can however, avoid to the best of our ability, the material in culture that we do not find at all redeeming. But we can also reserve the right to voice a considered opinion every once in a while;)


    1. Thank you Elena! And yes you’ve said it really nicely. I’m one of those who feel that freedom of speech comes with some amount of respecting…but again that’s a choice we make.


  4. I think of literary tastes the same as I think of food preferences. Just because Hubby thinks beer and garlic and mushrooms are disgusting doesn’t mean that nobody should be allowed to consume them. And I try not to poke fun at him for his freakish tastes… 😉


    1. Hehe…beer, garlic and mushrooms…and if you add butter I think that would actually make an awesome sauce!

      What sort of freakish taste does your hubby have? It’ll be fun to know..hehe


  5. Shree, isn’t it funny how if someone says something bad about something we don’t like (or can give or take) we’re fine with it, but if they say something bad about what we like, well, how VERY dare they! With me, having an opinion’s fine. Force feeding that opinion isn’t. That’s my opinion. Hehehe!


    1. I know right!
      I agree with the force feeding others. I also don’t really like it when people go on and on about something even though they know we can’t stand it…hmmm….ahem..I maybe at fault with that one..sometimes 😛

      I like your opinion Tom!


  6. Hi Shree,
    Something happened yesterday that reminded me that some people just do not click or no longer click because they have grown at different speeds. Tolerance is one indicator of growth. While I do have some strong opinions about what I like or don’t like, I work hard to not offend or judge another for a different view. I do not care for Steven King or Tom Cruise for that matter, but I love the you that does 🙂 I keep telling people that it takes a long while to get to know another. Sometimes a feeling of comfort and joy arrives first, but taking in the details of one’s being moves at its own pace. In a way, embracing someone who has some divergent preferences along with many shared traits and interests can expand the horizons for both concerned. ” Free your mind and the rest will follow.” En Vogue.


    1. Lovely comment Linda!
      I agree. It’s okay for those that we know and people in general to like what they like even if we don’t care much about them. And it does give us the opportunity to practice respect and enjoying the fact that the other enjoys whatever it is that they enjoy

      And I love the you that doesn’t care for King and the Cruise..hehe *hugs*


  7. Stephen King has written some superb storeys but some of his writing I do not enjoy.
    People cannot be judge on one day as we all have our off days,
    Still constructive criticism can let us know our mistakes.
    So if kindness is the motive, our criticism it is good comment.
    I liked your post you have the right outlook.


    1. Thanks Jack!
      I read your comment as a poem! It had that feel to it 😀
      I agree with what you said. Kindness as motive won’t come out as criticism though…I think when we say something out of kindness it comes out as suggestions? Well something less harsh sounding compared to criticism..hehe


      1. I think you see poetry and beauty because you have a sense for art.
        As you say diplomacy is best a helpful comment is better than criticism. But we must also except harsh criticism if it is true. Keep smiling.


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