Quote: I’m not afraid

Rise of the Guardians iPad 4 wallpapers 2048x2048 (01)  I enjoy watching cartoons the ones with magic in them or talking animals.

I watched the Rise of the Guardians some months ago and remembered liking a quote from there. Searching for the quote…I came across two good ones 🙂

Pitch[sends a wave of nightmare sand at everyone] Still think there’s no such thing as the Boogeyman?

Jamie[steps forward determinedly] I do believe in you. I’m just not afraid of you!

[Jamie touches the nightmare sand and it turns into dreamsand, restoring the Guardians’ powers]


I think it’s safe to say we all have our Boogeymen. It’s an often quoted phrase…to face your fears, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes more difficult. Sometimes I feel believing in magic helps 🙂

Jamie: You’re leaving? But what if Pitch comes back? What if we stop believing again? If I can’t see you…

Jack: Hey, slow down, slow down. Are you telling me that you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?

Jamie: No.

Jack: Okay, well, do you stop believing in the sun when the clouds block it out?

Jamie: No.

Jack: We’ll always be there, Jamie. And now we’ll always be here. [points to Jamie’s heart] Which kinda makes you a Guardian too. [walks away]

Just because…it's so whimsical and lovely :) Fantasy Art by Kei Acedera, Canada. Click image to source
Just because…it’s so whimsical and lovely 🙂 Fantasy Art by Kei Acedera, Canada. Click image to source


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21 thoughts on “Quote: I’m not afraid

    1. Aww…hope you do get to watch it 🙂 It’s one of those movies, even though it’s a cartoon sort of already has very obvious lessons right there for you to see, something quite Universal…
      Also, Hugh Jackman’s Easter Bunny…if I’m not mistaken. I kept imagining Wolverine giving voice to the little Bunny and that was hilarious..haha


    1. Oo..you must then. It taught me more than that…it taught me that sometimes you need to believe in something to make it happen…like magic 🙂 If we don’t believe in something, even ourselves…then what will become of us. Also, reminded me a little about Carl Gustav Jung’s take about God needing man as much as man needing God 😉


  1. Great, fun movie! I’m a huge fan of animation as well, and whimsical art! Thank you for sharing and acknowledging the commonality of our Boogeymen 🙂


    1. Yes it was a really nice movie!! Thank you for dropping by and commenting 🙂
      Sorry it’s a delayed reply 😦 I totally missed your comment while replying the others.

      Glad you enjoyed the post 😀


  2. We certainly all have our fears, and many times we probably don’t even realize that we’re being motivated by our fears.

    I don’t remember this movie. I just reserved it at the library.


    1. Oo..I’m glad you reserved it!! It’s an awesome movie..:) Hope you enjoy it!
      Sometimes our fear do help motivate us but I am now beginning to realise that fear really isn’t a good motivator…love is though.
      Unless of course if we are stranded in a dark alley about to be mugged then yes, fear may help in getting us to focus. Then again the thought is that when we fear something a lot and therefore think about it a lot we are actually fuelling the energies towards it’s manifestations…and it’s worse when its a mass consciousness thing. Everyone is terrified about being mugged, everyone thinks that the city is unsafe and terrible things happen, and when something bad happens everyone talk about it, in fear..and anger, it’s like a vicious cycle O.O

      Then again, some may say “hog wash” it’s just an excuse…hmm….I don’t rightly know…


        1. I don’t know Peter. That’s something chewy you said…about whether we create our own fears.
          I think..maybe..if we trace it way, way, back or if we take one thing we are afraid of and trace it back…maybe it is something we created. Not on our own though…I think we all create it.
          I think the ego starts this…not because it’s bad, but it does it to safe guard us from what it perceives to be dangerous to us? Hmm…

          I also feel that maybe fear is like magic….magic is everywhere we need to just see it..maybe it’s the same with fear. When we remove fear from our glasses, we won’t see it? So it’s a matter of conditioning and perception?


          1. I guess our fears feed on our fears, and if we’re not careful, they can easily get out of hand and start to control us.

            I did finally watch the Guardian movie. I thought it was quite good, there were some good parts and well-done ideas. I thought some of the battles were a little hard to follow, though, but that wasn’t much of a distraction.


    1. Yup..I agree Elena! Little kids are actually a lot wiser than us adults…we just sometimes don’t take the time to observe or listen, or when we do..we are so clouded by our conditioning and programs and perceptions we completely miss the point! LOL.


    1. Yay to fans of animation every where! Thanks! I was actually only looking for the first one, but as I was reading through the other quotes on the page…I saw the second one I posted…


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