Quote: Loving and Intelligence

Pretty picture :) Art is by Philippe Fernandez. Clicking image takes you to the original painting on fineartamerica.
Pretty picture 🙂 Art is by Philippe Fernandez. Clicking image takes you to the original painting on fineartamerica.

The heart having intelligence may seem something of an odd notion, but I feel that is where the deeper – the greater – intelligence / guidance / wisdom begins: in the heart. And to me loving and intelligence is the same

page 189 ; Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance? by Joan Borynsenko and Gordon Dveirin.



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17 thoughts on “Quote: Loving and Intelligence

  1. It makes sense. I don’t remember where I learned this – I think psychology class in high school? But we talked about different kinds of intelligence. You have regular intelligence, like smarts. But then you also have emotional intelligence which has to do with understanding emotions in yourself and others and also having the ability to control your own emotions and how you respond to the emotions of others. Fun factoid I guess? I dunno, this quote just made me think of that


  2. As a man of two things I often find myself longing to drop the use if the heart as the vehicle if love, it comes from the mind, this makes it no less magical at all. If anything it makes it more so, as all that wondrous overwhelming stuff comes from the same party if the mind as or dreams. Intertwined with logic and love our seems reside up above. I heart the mind.



    1. The mind is a wonderful thing! Our minds remind us of our greatest potential…where imagination resides! Heart and mind working as one, each balancing the other reminds us of our true self..:)


  3. Just like the brain, I think the heart learns as you go on in life. I know that who I am in my relationships is not who I was 10 years ago. Our heart and our mind are a great team when we allow them to be.


  4. There were some reports of heart transplant patients believing that they had inherited some new qualities or traits that were consistient with the donner. I don’t know if they were true, but we do now talk about “muscle learning” when people learn a new move in sports. So there may very well be some truth in it.


    1. May very well be Peter. That’s interesting about the heart transplant patients. I’ve seen the concept in movies but haven’t actually read anything about it..hehe.
      You know if we think about it, the heart or organs transplanted are basically atoms vibrating with energies and as energy cannot be destroyed then it means that those organs would carry those energies from the donor into the recipient…and therefore it could very well be possible that these energies are then dispersed into and mixed with those of the recipient…hmmm…


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