Zero Limits and Ho’oponopono (Part 2)

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Part 2 of 3 from the series. Part 1 was yesterdays post.

All our thoughts, actions, words, emotions are like computer programmes. These programmes run within us – within our DNA, our thoughts, perceptions, emotions, mind and body. We carry it with us whether or not we are conscious of it. It is ever present sometimes becoming manifest and sometimes laying dormant. We carry it as an individual, as a part of a community, race, family member. We carry it from our ancestors, we carry it to be passed on to the next generation.They manifest as traits, as habits, how we perceive life and how we live it. The thing is, negative or dense thoughts, actions, words and emotions act like computer viruses and it corrupts the program.

Whatever thoughts, deed, word and feelings that we project from within us creates it’s own energy thread. Imagine the amount of these energy threads we all create every moment. As these threads are created we sort of form a web around us. When a person is full of joy and confidence others in their presence can feel it and most times can’t help but feel something of that. Don’t we say that laughter and joy are infectious? However, what if these threads also contain denser energies like anger, frustrations, envy, jealousy and above all else fear? Wouldn’t that too “infect” others?

Image credit to Georgio Vaselli. Click image to source
Image credit to Georgio Vaselli. Click image to source

And if just one person can produce energy enough to “infect” some people in a room, how much more energy could a group create, a community, the population of a country…the world? That’s mass consciousness, isn’t it?

As we create this web inadvertently others tap into it and are affected by it. It’s pure energy and we are energy. We may look solid but in reality our souls are staying within a body that at it’s smallest is made up of atoms which vibrate, atoms which are also a form of energy. Therefore as we create our webs it expands out. It’s like knitting in a way…from a strand or strands of wool, the needles move gracefully creating a cardigan or a wooly cap or mittens. We create our world.

If we create from higher vibrations of love, then it will ripple out touching everything in it’s path with love and light, but when we create from fear then the opposite happens. That is why in the book, Dr. Hew Len explains that no matter who he meets or what he encounters, if it’s something negative, he looks within.

It’s as if Life itself gives us the opportunity to face all our programmes we carry within. We meet people that bring us happiness and joy, magnifying the beauty in life, making our lives an exciting adventure. Then we meet those who irritate us, who present us with problems or telling us of their troubles. Have you realised something? Whenever we are asked our advice many a time the advice we give out seem to fit for us as well? I’ve always been aware of this. It started some years ago so now that I’m aware of it, I see it. I even seen it with the advice I need to give some of my patients at the clinic!

So when Dr. Hew Len found himself as the resident psychiatrist at the state hospital in charge of the criminally insane in the state of Hawaii, he knew that there was something within him that “caused” the illness within those patients.

What did he do? He cleared himself from whatever programs within him which would have caused this.

How did he do that? By reciting a prayer consisting of 4 lines.



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17 thoughts on “Zero Limits and Ho’oponopono (Part 2)

  1. huh? indeed!

    I love how you integrate incredibly heavy material with a natural lightness Shree. I know this theory has validity, but sometimes I just do not want to go there. Hope part 3 has a happy ending 🙂

    hugs, Linda


  2. When I encounter toxic negativity in others . . . I tend to do an about face and leave them to their sludge. 😉

    And when I encounter light, love, and laughter . . . I soak it up like rain.


  3. I’m loving this series and the way your thoughts are weaving us… Yes each thought is a creation of energy, Energy is either positive or negative and like attracts like… So this is why I do not like the news channels, for their negative vibrations spin out sucking Joe-blog public ever deeper into the mix… So too our parents within their well meaning bringing us up as their thoughts, disciplines, and indoctrinated ideas are passed down to us via their thoughts .

    Now I can not wait for the revelation of the 4 lines.. as I think I need to chant them myself! 😉
    Brilliant Post
    Sue xoxox


    1. Thank you Sue! I agree with the news thing too. Which is why I don’t read the newspapers! The whole book and the concept is quite scary in a way because it means we truly are the creators of this world. All of us. And ourselves. So it’s up to us to release.


  4. It’s a very interesting way of looking at energies and mass consciousness. I think mob mentality is the dark side of that, how people caught up in a mob can quickly revert and do terrible things.


    1. It is isn’t it. Mob mentality does have it’s dark connotation…imagine though if we could as a race change that into something positive. So that mob mentality would equal to a positive all our wonderful party!
      Sometimes though I also feel there maybe some deep ingrained believes within us that make it seem that negative energies catch on easier compared to positive energies, but I don’t think that’s true. Energy is energy. Some denser…some lighter. In fact, negative energies being denser would need to move slower compared to lighter if that is the case then shouldn’t positive energies be easier to catch? Hmmm….


      1. Interesting. And it certainly would be great if positive emotions could spread so easily. But for whatever reason, and I think it’s back to fear again, and our natural survival instincts, mindless negative energies seem to spread a lot faster in groups.


        1. It does! Hmm..maybe it’s just how we have been conditioned to think…can you imagine..humans have been here for millions of years…that’s a lot of time to condition ourselves…


          1. I think it very much is our natural instincts coming through, how banding together in groups made us stronger against our enemies. Probably why it’s so hard for us to get away from those urges.


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