Quote: Discernment as a Learning Curve


While the experience of making a poor choice can be a valuable part of the journey, without reflection and inquiry- the keys to the discernment process – the decision isn’t spiritual. It’s just an unconscious reaction that’s likely to be repeated. Over time, the practice of discernment leads to choices that are more conscious and loving…. p 69. Your Soul’s Compass: What is Spiritual Guidance? by Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin.

I really like the section from which this quote comes from. The chapter is called Art of Discernment and the section Trial and Error: Discernment as a Learning Curve.

It has always been one of my worries…does the voice I hear within, the one which guides me,  coming from the “good guy” or the “bad guy”. I mean, logically I know that the Ego has just gotten a bad rap due to over simplification of it’s characteristic. From what I have read (and it makes sense to me too) that the Ego is actually a “good guy” too. Ego gives us our personality, which isn’t a bad thing. Ego protects us, which isn’t a bad thing too. Ego is there to help us in our journey as humans, and help isn’t a bad thing either. The problem is that Ego also tends to not like change, which isn’t a very good thing. It’s also a fragile part of us which can get damaged due to past hurts and experiences. It’s the inner child who is wounded and it’s frightened…most of the time. And just like most frightened people, the Ego will fight to remain status quo. It will fight anything which it feels will threatened it / us, and it does so by reminding us of bad past experiences or how “bad” this world is. Of course, when we are constantly bombarded that we live in such a big bad world, I can’t really say I blame it for that. The Ego also wants recognition, it wants to be “validated”. I remember Oprah often saying that everyone wants to be validated. And you know, that’s a human tendency and that’s really fine. It’s okay to want the recognition, it’s okay to want to be acknowledged however what’s not okay is when that need comes with a price of hurting another in whatever form.

Searching for a quote for my “quote post”, I came across the one above from the book Your Soul’s Companion. Reading through the whole section, I came across another passage right at the beginning of it…

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred there’s a lot of ego in it and therefore a lot of pain. Being asked to step into an identity is very treacherous, but the gift is that you learn. All you can do is act as if what you’re getting is guidance, and if ego’s there, it will be exposed. If you set your intention to act on guidance – to follow Spirit – then if you do, you’ll definitely learn if it’s ego or not. Any slips along the way get dealt with as part of the growth process. All you can do is listen to the guidance and trust the process. It never looks like what you think it will – based on an interview with Medical intuitive Nina Zimbelman. p 68 

Note to self: Maybe time to start randomly flipping pages of books already read to remind self of certain truths. May further reduce self face palming episodes.


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22 thoughts on “Quote: Discernment as a Learning Curve

      1. I never really thought about it like that, but that does make sense. And I just mentioned fear and survival in another comment. (That was strange!) I’m beginning to think fear is an underlying cause of a lot more things than I ever considered.


        1. Sometimes I feel when you take something and twist it this way and that, trying to shake it up, to get to the bottom of it…sometimes…what we find can surprise us. I’m finding that out too! Sometimes it’s really fun and cool, sometimes it can look or seem like a pain in the behind though 😛


    1. That’s great that you do Maryam. I feel we all do at some level. Some of us know it, some are trying to get over the fear that we *do* know it and some refuse to see it as such – so much easier to blame the external when it wasn’t our decision…you know?


    1. Ah…well, glad it was close enough! I never did take psychology and honestly get confused with the terminology. I prefer the three main ones conscious, sub conscious and super conscious; the rest I go with what I feel it to be. Thanks for pointing it out though! 🙂


  1. Shree,
    My sense is that you are in the midst of discovering your own voice and that you are taking in as much as you can to recalibrate yourself to the new settings internally. Know what I mean? The ego is important, its mere existence validates its potential usefulness. Discernment is an ongoing part of the human journey and it takes practice. i agree there is a learning curve. Check out Nancy Bieber. I took an amazing class with fer on this very topic. http://nancybieber.com/


    1. I do know what you mean Linda! And I think so too. I’ll take a look at the website once I’m done with replying the comments.
      Everything is an on going process and there really isn’t a place that we can say “Oh I’m here”…I’m continually trying to get that into my thick skull..lol.


      1. If we are not aware of our mood and emotional state we have no control of our attitude and our behaviour.
        I stray off my self imposed ethical path when I am distracted and not mindful of my thoughts and actions. Shree is your nicest name I think. 🙂


        1. Ah…I think everyone strays…even when they have practising self awareness…it is said that it’s how we learn to keep balancing which is truly walking the path of awareness not so much a static position of in balance..if you know what I mean ? 😀

          Thank you! If I am not mistaken, a long time ago…and uncle told me that Shree means Light..


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