The NaBloPoMo experience

nablopomo_november_smallWell for one thing I don’t make any more mistakes when typing NaBloPoMo out.

When I started this little adventure at the beginning of this month, some insane part of me decided that my plate wouldn’t be full enough so I added a few more tidbits here and there, which probably wasn’t a really good idea but you know, wisdom on hindsight and all that.

Linda ..ah what a wise one she is. “Balance” she said. Like an oracle from ancient Greece she continued “Librans need balance”. And you know, to give myself credit I did heed her words.

I said I was curious as to how I would handle this month specially with my past (failed) nablo_13_250experimentation with WordPress Daily Blog Challenge. It made it even more interesting as I had to work three days a week with hours that wouldn’t allow me to do a post unless I woke up at four in the morning or slept after midnight.

How did I handle it?

Well…I think I handled it pretty well (kinda, sorta). Using “Quote” posts in between helped a bunch and so did breaking up long posts into parts. Using my off days to scheduled posts through the week was something that had to be done, so Thank you WordPress for incorporating that little trick.

nanopoblanoI’ve got to admit something though. By the time the third week rolled by my mind was getting pretty drained which was why I am *so* grateful I had those blog awards waiting to be posted. Props to Binky for suggesting that I needed a post with cute kittens! And you know, participating in Linda’s Retrograde Challenge and Rara’s International Label Day helped by providing me with some material to write. (links are under Announcements in the right sidebar)

At the beginning of this month when it was all still so fresh and nice, I managed not only keeping up with my lovely blog friends but made new ones as well. However, that sort of petered out. As I’m typing this, one week before it’s scheduled to be posted, sitting in my WP reader are a gabazillion wonderful blog posts to be read, commented and liked; plus the adventures happening over at Wombania. That’s what I’m sorta disappointed in, that I couldn’t keep up with the blogging and the reading of blog posts.

There were times specially in the last two weeks when I felt like giving up. My justifications would have been, I don’t really owe it to anyone but me to follow this through, I can make the choice to do what I want to do, I should really just take this as a lesson in letting go, you’re neglecting replying to comments and reading your friends’ blogs…that’s terrible! (and the list went on) What I did though was to choose to  stick with it. Sometimes the choice to be made and the lessons to be learned really isn’t what you would expect or what your mind tries to tell you it is.

So will I ever attempt to do this again?

As crazy as this is going to sound…I’ll meet you next year, same month and same place!! (I’d like to have the right to recall this crazy suggestion when the time comes 😛 )

So thank you friends for joining me on this wonderfully insane ride that I took. Thank you for your patience and your visits and comments even though I was pretty bad at visiting your blogs. And a BIG (advanced) thank you to whomever knocks some sense into me when November comes around next year 😛

And just because I CAN…

PS: The lyrics makes me think of stuff like Sirians, Lemurians, Atlantis, Reincarnation…but for this’s the Final Countdown folks.

So all you NaBloPoMo-ers and NaNoWriMo-ers…whose habit wasn’t to write daily but did it anyway…YAY!!!


Please click the badges on the right to visit other NaBloPoMo-ers 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

25 thoughts on “The NaBloPoMo experience

    1. Yes I did …we all did! Everyone who decided to take the plunge and get wet in this crazy adventure! I’ve even read that those who used to blog everyday felt the pressure because of the challenge! It’s so cool to see how our perceptions shifts with different situations, doesn’t it?

      You did it too Anyes! You wrote! You took your time! You let go of “time” and expectations and are enjoying the that’s total awesomeness!


    1. Yaaaaaaaaay! We did indeed. I am *so* glad no one’s brain popped..that wouldn’t have been a good thing 😛

      I’ve actually scheduled posts right up to 1st of December…beginning to this it has been SO good to feel the relief…


  1. I am so proud of your efforts Shree, congrats for following through to the end! It is not like you had nothing else to do with school, work, art, etc. Plus you volunteered for my challenge. Getting tired just thinking about your full plate …
    Ancient Greek Oracle huh , hehe 🙂 thanks for the props!

    Please give yourself a hug for a job well done.

    love and hugs,
    Linda the Greek Oracle


    1. I certainly will give myself a hug! Hehehe.
      I didn’t mention it in the post but to top it all off I also had to write up at 1500 article for a magazine I contribute to every month. It’s a new adventure for me and I’m enjoying it. Will post some of the articles up soon 😀

      And you’re welcome…props well deserved for being so correct about the balance part!!


        1. Teehee…I’ll get to it soon.. 🙂 I just enjoying the feeling of “not doing anything” for these past few days…before I start my “working for 6 days straight for two weeks” hehe, completely knowing that I not only have your email to reply to BUT that I really need to start with that Carl Jung project paper 😛

          Will be scanning them and putting them up soon 😀


            1. Aaargh!! I’ve finished all the essay questions but not the Project Paper! Aaaargh!!!

              Hmm..ahem..well I’m not *too* awesome at the techie stuff…but will be glad to help! Ermm…how do we do this? New email thread?


    1. Bahahahaah! I saw the + sign glow in orange and curious to see who followed me…I saw a little cutesy dinosaur called Rarasaur…and I went..huh? LOL

      Thank you! I’m glad I did too! We all aced it 😀 In different ways…but it truly was an awesome experience.


      1. lol, I do that all the time. It never stops being embarrassing, though, ha! 😀

        I thought about making us badges for all the different ways we could have aced it, but I’m not sure if I could even write down all the ways. 😀


        1. Ah…from what little I’ve read around it would be too many…but then again…maybe the one thing in common would be discovering that in whatever way or form sticking to it as best as we could…allowed us to show ourselves that we have what it takes…to do anything we set our hearts and minds to… 😉


  2. Congratulations, you made it! And thanks for the blast from the past – it’s been years since I heard that song. But now I remember why I hated the 80s – all the boys were prettier than I was. 😉


    1. Thank you! I did!!
      You’re welcome…I was feeling so heady with the thought that I had just scheduled my last post for November I needed something to show it…and Final Countdown jumped to mind 😀

      They were weren’t they..pretty boys…they probably hate it now looking back? that’s a kind of reassurance right? LOL


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