Guess what?

November is...
November is… (Photo credit: nataliesap)

It’s the 30th of November! Wohoo! And I can’t believe it because it’s been a major month for me.

A month of opportunities, clearing and if I do say so myself, interesting revelations. Maybe it has been a culmination of the months before that started blooming now, maybe it’s just me allowing myself to feel it…in the end though it doesn’t really matter…because it will like the seasons which come and go, like the moon who waxes and wanes, the thing is right now as I am typing this, I know this.

And maybe that is how it is supposed to be 🙂

To end this month as usual I present to you my arty farty self 🙂

Scared Heart - Mixed Media
Scared Heart – Mixed Media
Untitled - Mixed media
Untitled – Mixed media

AND two new  Mandala for you to print and colour if you so wish to 🙂


Click image, right click, save as and print :)
Click image, right click, save as and print 🙂

See you all in December! Posts will be scheduled as usual on Wednesdays and Sunday 🙂


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

40 thoughts on “Guess what?

    1. Thank you Peter 🙂

      it’s really quite strange. I actually preferred my little snail -y picture but you’re the second person to say you preferred the Sacred Heart one 😀 hehehe


            1. LOL Sindy!

              I have no idea in what condition it would arrive to you in the US if I posted it. Courier service would just about decimate my budget…I tried sending a gift to a friend through that once…but had to resort to normal post!


            2. Well you should. If you look at my blog, I have a tee shirt store but once they mark it up they are too expensive. However if you could offer those in prints, calendars, mouse pads, cards all kinds of things. Blank Note cards that would be cool. 😀


  1. A routine. Hmmm. That’s a good idea, Shree. I will consider that. As for November, it was wild, huh? i had trouble keeping up. work and well, life kept getting in the way!

    Love the drawings by the way.


    1. Routines can be boring though 😛 I try to stick to some sort of routine…BUT for my blog..I adhere to it strictly..and it’s helped a lot to schedule posts 2 days a takes the pressure off..hehe.

      November was totally wild! Hehe..sometimes when I’m in the middle of something and also panicking a little because I procrastinated on it…then yea, I get a little pissed off with Life..hehe…

      Thank you!! I’m learning to be a little braver with showcasing them 😀


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