Quote: Traveler’s Notes from The Map

Ah…it’s December 🙂 Back to regularly scheduled posts every Sundays and Wednesdays! Yay for routine 😉

This post was originally meant to be posted earlier this week but Sage who is an awesome writer of terrific poems wrote one specially because I requested it and I *had* to share it.

On the day this post got written, I decided to “go with the flow” and picked up the book nearest to me and opened a random page to get a nice, simple quote.

Sometimes, Life is really quite “haha” funny because the book nearest to me was The Map by Colette Baron-Reid and the random page wasn’t so much a quote as well…you’ll see.

Traveler’s Notes

  • When you lack faith in your ability to heal yourself, to change your beliefs and self-talk, or to break old destructive habits, turn to Spirit.
  • Imagine that you’re dialoguing with the magical beings on your Map and you’ll be interacting with your inner wisdom and that of Spirit.
  • The voice of the Goblin, your wounded ego, is filled with fear or anger and has a goblinsquality of urgency.
  • If you listen to the voice of the Goblin, you can discern whether there is something to be learned from what he has to say. You can discover hidden issues you must address, and the origin of your wound.
  • If it’s frightening to picture yourself dialoguing with a Goblin, or impossible to imagine that you could express compassion toward him, then envision a more benign (yet still ugly) being that represents your wounded ego.
  • The only way to “tame” the voice of the wounded ego is to explore what it has to say. Ignoring it only gives it, and your subconscious thoughts, more power over you.
  • You can reclaim any quality or believe about yourself that you lost or were unable to bone-collectorclaim in the past as a result of a wounding. Converse with the Bone Collector and she will find and give life to this lost “bone”
  • You can refashion this quality or belief to make it easier for you to “own” it today. If you don’t wish to reclaim it in its original form, the Bone Collector can help you alter it so that you feel more comfortable incorporating it into your being.
  • Converse with the Gentle Gardener and you will discover what seeds you have planted in your Field of Dreams and why some of your aspirations haven’t led to the outcomes you’d expected.
  • It’s okay to retain some of the “weeds” Margie3-11in your garden – the results of relationships and circumstances you’ve chosen to be a part of – as long as you’re aware that you’ve made the choice to include these challenging people and situations in your life because there is some positive aspect to them.
  • Converse with the Spirit of the Place in any emotional landscape on the Map and you’ll learn the lessons of that experience, as well as how to change your perception and emotions. – pp 108-109. Conversations and Magical Transformations. The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life by Colette Barron-Reid.


We are after all destined to chart our own course. Working towards becoming the Magical Map Shifter


The cards are from the deck The Enchanted Map Oracle by the author. 

Front cover of the box. Clicking image will take you to Amazon.
Front cover of the box. Clicking image will take you to Amazon.
Back cover description
Back cover description


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19 thoughts on “Quote: Traveler’s Notes from The Map

    1. Oh, and I’d like to put your avatar/picture on my right sidebar, Shree. One that is 180 by 180 pixels is ideal. You can email it to me if you would like to be included.


      1. I’m honoured to be asked Peter!! Thank you so much!

        Hmm..I have a new logo thingy for my blog…will that be okay?

        Hmm..lol..never mind I’ll email you and ask that question there..haha


    2. Not really Tarot, Peter. The book itself is something that encourages journaling as a method to discover the different landscapes in a person’s life and also how to find the lessons in each situation. It’s a workbook type book to help on explore their Map. However, the oracle cards (52 cards in this deck. Tarot decks have 78 and is more structured with 22 Major arcana cards and the 56 minor arcana cards which mimic a playing card deck – 4 sets, 1 to 10 of each set and court cards for each set)

      Oracle cards are gentler in nature..generally and can be also used for Divination. The deck which I have shared here in this post can be used to help someone working through the book…

      If you’re interested…I did a post sometime ago about Tarot and Oracle cards : https://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/tarot-oracle-cards/

      Maybe that may help you?


        1. Not really. It’s not as complicated, though it can be. There are those who study these cards in depth…specially the symbolism of the more conventional cards but the way I was taught to read the is more intuitive…what comes from the heart…:)


    1. You’re welcome!!
      Honestly though…for some weird reason I didn’t resonate with the book much…I don’t know why.
      BUT those in my class really did!! And you are right..she does get down and tells you HOW…or maybe a better word is to suggest the how…which is important too 🙂


      1. Same with me, Shree. It sounds a bit convoluted and doesn’t resonate with my desire to Simplify. I’d need a cheat sheet to keep track of who I’m talking to. 😉


        1. Ha..well it’s true. It can be a bit much. Too many “people” but then there are some who *do* have those different parts of them, and this can help. Now, I do talk to my Goblins…I still have a few of them running around 😛

          The landscape though can help because I *did* try it in class..and it does have it’s benefits. I like the concept of the book…and how it can be used to each person’s preferences. Did a review on the book coming up in tomorrow’s post 😀


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