Quote: Your map, the Spirit and the Compass

Another quote day. I’m just so totally pooped from the awesomeness of working six 12.5 hour days week ( is this even the correct way to say it? Never mind..it’ll do) for 2 weeks (yay! one week down as I type this and 2 weeks done when you read this..woohoo!) so you and I get a wonderful break with another quote from The Map by Collete Baron-Reid.

The Map becomes visible to you when you make a conscious choice to be awake, aware of something greater than yourself, and to embrace the possibility of a pattern created by Spirit that you can’t always make out from where you stand. You must be willing to see the Spirit within all things, to accept that there are millions of invisible connections behind all the events in your life. They are constantly moving, set in motion by an intelligence that you will never fully understand but must trust anyway.

As you surrender to Spirit and ask for illumination, your Enchanted Map reveals itself in all its glory, and you realize that in your pocket is a compass that always points to true north: to Spirit, whose guidance will never fail you and whose efforts on your behalf never cease, whether you realize it or not. – p xxix. The Map

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28 thoughts on “Quote: Your map, the Spirit and the Compass

  1. Julianne is right 🙂
    Because you dig this stuff, I will share an example from yesterday. It fits with your theme. I was running errands and it was a crowded street with ice and snow. i thought to myself” I want to find a meter with time on it so i don’t have to walk around to the meter” when I had the thought I really did not expect anything because it is the holidays and very busy. I am about to park by an expired meter when this woman comes to my car and motions me to get my attention. she yells move over hear I have 35 minutes on my meter.Then she directs traffic and helps me get my car in the space. This like never happens! While it is going on, I get a thought ” This is what life is like when it is in perfect harmony. Everything fits like a puzzle piece, easily and effortlessly. You just have to align yourself with it” This was an automatic out of the ethers thought. I got her name and thanked her and wondered if she was human. I saw her later on the street after I got back to my car. She radiated positivity!

    just like you my friend!

    xx litebeingLinda


    1. I loved that story! An earth angel discovered 🙂 Loved how you wrote it and loved your take on it…and…completely agree about life in harmony. Also Linda, you are one who is aware and who sees magic when others may brush it off as luck or coincidence…that is where the true magic lies…within you and the way you see things…and yet you keep teaching me that too …and I will always appreciate you for that gift!

      So thank you too, my friend for showing me light 😀


    2. I have to come in here on this wonderful conversation, Linda, and isn’t it great when Synchronisity works 🙂 I have for many years always reserved a parking place in the busy car parks especially this time of year… never been let down as yet…. as one pulls out to allow me in.. Lovely Share Linda..


  2. Loved the quote you shared! I think I have to read this book, I felt attracted to it ever since I read your review on it. Also, on a side note, loved Linda’s story even more than the quote 😀 This is how the world should be. I hope we all have those unique encounters more often!


  3. Loving this book more and more… 😀 Big grins… and yes the Map is there in everyone’s life.. We just need to trust the roads and know each one gets us to our final destination… But we need to make sure we spend time enjoying the view along the way 🙂 Brilliant Quote Shree, and like others have said already…

    Rest up when you can, Looong long days…. 🙂 Love to you my good friend, and wishing you Happy Yuletide Blessings 🙂


    1. True…but there is hope because it can only go on for so long…as more and more are awakening to the fact that we have been dangerously loosing track..and need to refocus on what truly matters…I feel it’s still a little shaky but there are good people around…and sometimes that is al it takes to get that snowball effect 🙂


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