Word Cloud Wednesday: A first attempt

I’ve been following wePoetsShowIt for a couple of weeks now and have wanted to participate in their Word Cloud Wednesdays. It’s basically a little fun challenge wherein a blog post (by anyone who volunteers their posts) is picked and the words used in the post are turned into a “word cloud”. The challenge is to use only the words in the word cloud (though one can cheat and not use ONLY those words) and create a poem or create a piece.

The 1st of January word cloud was from a post by one of my favourite bloggers…so you know, I had to try it! So, here is my attempt about 2 weeks late and hoping it will make sense 😉


Remember - Nicholas Roerich
Painting: Remember by Nicholas Roerich. Artist: Nicholas Roerich. Completion Date: 1924. Source: http://www.wikipaintings.org/en/nicholas-roerich/remember-1924

Today watched the living;

Adults walked heavy, hands working roles.

Numbers today means important.

Time asked, remember years ago?

When eyes smiled, days were magical?

Little gifts noticed?

Day ago,

To celebrate a person meant important.

(All words bold are from the word cloud, the rest were mine).

20 thoughts on “Word Cloud Wednesday: A first attempt

    1. Hey Andra! Thank you 🙂
      Strangely I didn’t see it at being bold…lol. I usually don’t call this sort of stuff I write as “poetry”…I just call them…”stuff” because honestly, I don’t read many poems and don’t really know how to write a “proper” one either..hehe.


    1. Oo..thank you…hmm…Sheena (I’m right, right??)
      I’m wondering if this attempt and the November daily blogging challenge finally got to me! Good news is that I doubt it’s going to be a five month hiatus…lol.


  1. Remember, a word, which when spoken holds magic within Shree, .. It makes us recall all manner of things… and I feel your response to the word cloud challenge was well met. bye for now xPenx


  2. I read your poem 3 times Shree, you put a great deal of thought into it.. as you tell us how we put importance on other things, which leaves us heavy hearted.. when in times past life was simpler and we cherished each other.. We actually looked at each other and spoke.. unlike today with head bent in phone-IPod, Tablet- etc.. we prefer to text and send each other messages ..
    We have lost much as we remember years ago Shree…

    Thank you for sharing and I will check out your friends blog..
    Love and Blessings for a super week.. Much Love Sue xxx


      1. I left you a message Shree…….. Love and Blessings and I am so grateful you answered this today and jogged me again to try and access your blog.. as its been freezing me out… Hugs xox


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