and how is everyone doing? 🙂

This is going to be such an awkward post, I can feel it. In fact, I just giggled to myself because this is how a totally spontaneous and random post by yours truly is going to look like…for the next few hundred words.

So…I notice a new change in the “Add new post” editor…I can SEE without squinting too much and I doubt it has anything to do with me trying to restore my vision to its youthful glory by trying to manifest it into reality in my sporadic way of doing things.

And so…I need to thank two people who have been constantly reminding me of how much I’ve been missed on WP. That would be Linda and Sue (bluebutterfliesisme)….and it’s kinda weird not seeing people’s names appear so they can be easily tagged, like in Facebook. Sigh! WordPress….you think that would be possible…I mean, that would be so awesome! (for lazy people like me 😉 )

I also want to thank all those who have dropped by on my blog (I get the email notifications for comments) to ask about me…I remember Sue Dreamwalker and Glorialana..and I’m sure there were a few others. It’s really appreciated and I thank you sincerely 🙂

Yea…so…ahem…hmmm…right..ok, let’s be honest. I am totally, TOTALLY terrified at the amount of blog posts I have to (the have to being self-induced) catch up on and as silly as it sounds (yes you may roll your eyes because I’m rolling mine as I type this), that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. It’s not THE reason, but yes it hangs over my head once in a while like a gloomy sulky looking rain cloud. So…yes…when you are a wuss to face things, you just kinda ignore it until you’ve built Mount Everest’s mightier cousin, Mount Everestest.

So…in no particular order…we (the family) got a new dog. He’s BIG. We really have no idea what to do with him and miss the tiny little thing he was….for all of 4 weeks. We just shout at him “Maaaaaaaax! Stop that!”, “Maaaaaaaax! No!”, “Maaaaaaaax what did you do?!” while he wags his tail and jumps up on his hind legs nearly knocking us off-balance. Of course I hug him while telling him that I love him, so that’s good too.

Jack (the Jack Russell) isn’t too bothered with him though sometimes we’ve wondered if Jack even realises how tiny he is next to Max and if Max thinks he’s as tiny as Jack.

So… we sent our maid back home. Literally packed her bag for her, told her we were sending her back for good, drove her to the airport, handed her the ticket and made sure she passed through the immigration counter all in about 3 hours. I felt sad when I had to say good bye…but she’s been with us for 8+ years…a part of our family…but it had to be done. Long story short, she was harming my family and that like my sister said is totally unacceptable. It wasn’t a physical sort of harming, but in a way it was….maybe one day I’ll sit and type out the story for your reading pleasure 😉

So…I got a new job which I actually…for the first time….enjoy doing! I actually get lost in it, time just flies by! It’s a medical writing job and finally I’m finding some good use for my training…doing something I actually enjoy! Dealing with client feedback and all that is a different matter. The thing is, even with all that…if I can actually still say I love it, it must mean something awesome!


The Aura Soma Equilibrium Bottles...aren't they SO pretty!!
The Aura Soma Equilibrium Bottles…aren’t they SO pretty!!

So…I attended a 6 day workshop on Aura Soma. Just the first level but wow…I’ve never felt so excited about anything till this. I mean, waking up each day for those 6 days and actually waiting for the day to unfold. It’s an awesome experience! Right now, I just want the Universe to send in the resources ASAP to finish off the 2 remaining levels AND all the other courses the academy offers! Haha! We know how Universal timing is though, eh? 😉

So yea…I cried. Like SOBBED during the workshop. I don’t do crying in front of people well, at all. I’m the kind which feels embarrassed when I cry alone in my room! It felt good though…a kind of calm settled in my heart…I could feel it.


So…I left my addiction of the 3d chat world and landed quite nicely to watching YouTube videos and being on Facebook! I’m awesome! 😀

So….I’m finally done editing the little journal I was writing and now waiting for the right time to get it published. And my deepest thank you to Linda for helping with the editing process…she’s totally awesome!

Oh yea…we did a bit of refurbishing to the house and added a water feature and the guy we contracted cheated my dad and he ended up paying more than he wanted to. The thing with my dad, which I have learned a valuable lesson being played out…he always keeps saying he’s got no money, even when he does. So, I guess the Universe thought better to make him an honest man.

Also, had an awful time with internet problems after signing up to another company. I had to terminate my account even before the 2 year period of mandatory use because of “non-disclosure”, sent them an angry email and have refused to pay the penalty charges or pay the bills that keep coming. The amazing thing about all this is that I’ve contacted their customer service THREE times and each time they say that the upper management people will call me. After the third time, “person in charge” calls and I doubt she even read the email…so I had to repeat everything to her…she then tells me she’ll get higher management to call…it’s almost a month since that call…and nothing. So….I’m not doing anything either. Sometimes…a good deal that seems too good to be true…is just that.

ASTRO IPTV : Wouldn't even wish it on my enemy...seriously bad news
ASTRO IPTV : Wouldn’t even wish it on my enemy…seriously bad news

So….I’m going to sign off and actually come up with a nice post that isn’t so random 🙂 And yes, of course I’ll be visiting your blogs too! How could I not!? My inner principal would not allow it. I may not be able to read all the posts that I’ve missed, I may just stubbornly refuse to do that because if I read ALL the posts I’ve missed in one person’s blog I have to do it for EVERYONE…so you know..I’ll just pop in to your latest post and ask silly questions about things you’ve already answered in other posts 😛

Finally, I just wanted to say I truly did miss all my friends here! I missed reading your thoughts, observations, feelings, knowledge….and I missed “talking” to some of you through the comments 🙂

Itching To See You Soon!

30 thoughts on “So…

    1. Hey!! Thank you ..and thank you for saying so! I so hope you are well…and ahem..I’m procrastinating by looking at all the new themes 😛

      Actually…I shall head over to your place RIGHT NOW (after a ciggie) to visit you 😉

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  1. So… I had fun reading this and am glad to see you back. I love your Libran approach of balance: you feel obligated to read other blogs to even things out? You must be a very strong Libra, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Monika!

      Yes..I DO! Or else I’d feel that I was being unfair! hehe.
      I’m actually not a “strong” Libra based on my birthday. I was born 25th of September and found one website saying that I fall in the Virgo – Libra cusp 😉

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      1. By “strong” I meant that you must have more than one planet in Libra. I do not believe in cusps – your Sun is always clear-cut.
        Anyway, I have heard of these colourful bottles before. They do seem so awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh they are BEAUTIFUL…I smile each time I see them 🙂 And oh! to the astrology I’ve always considered myself a Libran and very proud of it..teehee.
          Other than that my knowledge of astrology is just at the basic level…like pre school sort of basic 😉

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  2. Good to see you again, Shree, welcome back!
    You’ve kept yourself nice and busy, I see!
    I have been popping in every now and then to see if you’ve posted again and I haven’t been notified (things like that happen to me!) and today you post and I missed it.
    Well, I haven’t now!
    Hope you get your internet sorted very soon, and some compensation for all of your hassle thrown in for good measure! Well, you never know! 😉
    See you soon.

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    1. Hey Tom! Good to see your comment too! The internet thing is sorted…went back to the way it was. The other thing about the payment isn’t sorted but I’m not going to push them, they can at least have some work ethic and call me back 😉


  3. It’s about time. lol Yea! Really glad your back. You were gone so long you forgot my name, Sindy! Sue is my middle name and one I use on my FB page long story, but my name is in fact Sindy. lol

    So just yesterday I come across a blog post that has one of those bottles, I had no idea what it meant and then today you present it. Crazy another synchronicity. Love you but yes there is about 60 or more post you have missed. lol There will be a test. As school starts up on Monday the frequency of my posting will diminish so you can just read older ones. lol

    Dang curious about the maid story……

    Love, love, love………Shree is back!



    1. Oh wow! I really did forget….not good not
      *hugs* to you and 60 posts!! O.O…hmm…hope you will understand if I started with the latest one or two 😛

      Ah..the maid story…one day…I might just type it out 🙂

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  4. Are you really back for real real? Or is it just my imagination?

    It’s really nice to hear from you again, Shree! I just hope your next post won’t be another 6 months in coming.

    I think if you tried to catch up on all the posts you missed, you’d never get caught up. And then you’d disappear again. So why not try for just the last post or two and then it won’t seem like such an insurmountable problem.


    1. Haha Peter, yea…it looks like I am back for real, real 😉 And yes! That’s exactly what I am going to do…just the last one or two posts. I know I am the sort that if I start taking on the huge task of going through ALL the posts from EVERYONE I follow, I won’t enjoy it…and you are SO right about that..hehe. Thanks so much for commenting and “see you” soon 🙂

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  5. Welcome back sweetie! It was such a great surprise to find you in my reader, almost did not believe my eyes !

    Congrats on new dog, new job ( wow ) and maid-less status. Cannot wait to hear more and catch up. Not everyone knows this, but I felt a connection with you when you would comment on Sindy’s blog, before I read any of your posts. Spooky eh? You have become an important connection in my life. Glad my nagging paid off 🙂

    Thank you for mentioning your journal and my editing work. I am thrilled you have completed this project. Hope to see the final version soon.

    Seems like you continue to discover more and more of who you are and where you are headed. Happy to be along for the ride.

    love and hugs,


    1. Hey Linda!! 🙂
      Ha!Ha! Yup..your nagging did pay off and I am very grateful indeed for that.
      It’s a balancing act and that’s something as a Libran I can struggle with..teehee.
      It’s NOT spooky at all about the connection, I take it with gratitude 🙂
      Your editing was superb so of course I had to mention it…and I did get your message about sending you a draft of final copy…will do it soon!! (hopefully I will make you proud by doing it soon enough so you don’t have to start your most welcomed – I really mean that – nagging me 😛 )


  6. Good to have you back in the blogging family. 🙂 And welcome, Max! It seems as if your time away from posting was productive and rejuvenating. This is good! Congrats, too, on your new job. It’s sounds both manageable and enjoyable. Here’s to enjoy your resumption of blogging.

    By the way, you don’t “have to” catch up on a gazillion posts that have gone unread. You may be choosing to but you certainly don’t have to. 🙂 Why not consider starting fresh… and reading from this new point forward?


    1. Hi Eric 🙂
      Thank you! Yes..I am slowly getting back into the “groove”..trying to balance the extra work and managing this blog together with other things. I take it as a good opportunity to learn that!


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