Is she here to stay?

So, how does one start a blog post after disappearing from the face of the blogoshpere for so long…

Maybe a “Hello!” ? Or maybe a “Hi!”?

It’s been ages. More than a few ages I think. I don’t even know if those I called friends on here are still blogging or if they have left this space of sharing for good or even if they’ve taken some time off, like me.

And..what have I been up to?

Well…sometimes I feel a lot but most times I feel it’s just the same old story of being caught up with “stuff” and because of that letting some things slide by. Before I knew it, time that waits for no one has just whooshed past.

I’ll be honest…I’ve been wanting to blog for quite some time now. I just never did. On my Facebook, I said that it could be because of feeling afraid to blog. I hadn’t for so long and I didn’t know if I had it in me to. I also mentioned something else. And that’s true too. That something is that since I’ve started “writing as work”, by the time I’m done my brain is just so tired it clamps up. Imagine a petulant child pouting and going, “Nooooooo! No more!! I can’t THINK anymore!”. Yea…that’s about how it goes.

I’m working from home now. A medical writer. I write. A lot. Thing about work, even if it is something you started because you liked it (or loved it) is that after some time, and if you ALLOW it to, it kinda saps the joy of that thing you liked (or loved). Unfortunately for me, I have allowed it to…so, my hope and my wish and my WANT is that by coming back to writing here, in this space I call my own I shall regain back that love for words and writing. Because you know, however much the talk is to “love everyone” and “take everything as something good, to expand your soul and experience life, to learn and grow”, I honestly.. totally and honestly feel like going on this mega-rampage and slapping people, including myself. Ha! Always…include thyself, because it is thyself that truly creates thy world.

So yes. Working from home can be AWESOME! However, as I just heard Anita Moorjani say on a Facebook live thingie I tuned into, there’s always a yin to a yang (or a yang to a yin). As awesome as it is, it sometimes feels like YOUR time is not respected. And it’s even worse when you don’t respect your own time – which is probably the lesson right there. I’ve sat in front of my computer from 7 in the morning right to 10 in the night…working. Every thing seems to be “urgent”, everyone seems to think their projects or wants are urgent and if you aren’t careful, you get dragged into the whole drama of the stress and the frustration – yes another lesson to learn here as well, which is how to NOT be dragged into people’s drama even though you are in the middle of it. Reminds me of being in school. You know, when each teacher gave you enough homework to swamp you for a couple of days and you sit in class wondering, “Do they not KNOW that we have like another gazillion pieces of homework to do!!!!”. Yea, like that.

What, so…I have another blog that I’ve prepared. This was a suggestion from my sister. It’s currently empty-ish and sitting pretty..waiting for content. The idea is to add my art pieces to it (something like a gallery of sorts) and also to write about colours and their meanings based on the Aura Soma system. Please don’t ask when, but soon…soon…ha!

I’ve learned Qi Gong! And I absolutely LOVE this particular “class” of qi gong that I’ve learned. It’s funny, as in haha funny. If you directly translate the name of this particular Qi Gong movement from Mandarin to English it’s called the “Wild Goose” movement (insert laugh here). But, to make it seem cool, it’s called the “Wild Crane” movement (you may insert a snigger here). Anyways, the reason I love it is because it makes me feel so graceful when I do the movements. I FEEL graceful. I have absolutely no idea if I LOOK graceful, so thankfully when I do practice it, it’s done in the privacy of my room (yes, you may insert a laugh here as well).

I also, in a weird, round about way learned about being in a relationship. It was an online one. It wasn’ wasn’t a conventional type of relationship, but hey…it was an experience, I have learned from it, I’ve gained a friend from it and overall, I am very grateful for that experience. In fact, it is probably the very first time that a guy that I was attracted to felt the same about yes, that is a good thing, whichever way you look at it.

I’m taking more selfies now. Mhmm, yes I am. I’m vain though. So I take like 10 selfies to get just the one to post up. Ok, no. I take like 4. And it’s all the same angle. And yes, I did laugh as I typed that out.

Here’s the latest. This was taken about two weeks ago.


So, am I going to stay?

I think I am. It’s more of an exercise in discipline and learning to balance my work life and my MY life. It’s an exercise to learn how to do things without being a yo-yo, or like how my sister has described me – a rubber tree. You know the type? The one that swings waaaay to one side, burns out…and swings waaaay to the other side, burns out…then..repeats. Doesn’t realise that there is the middle ground.

So, once a week and not stressing out about it and EN JOYING the process of allowing the words to flow.

Visiting my bloggy friends and enjoying their words, no stress with that either.

Wow, I dun did it! Yea! ~pats self on back~

See you in a week!

27 thoughts on “Is she here to stay?

  1. So so good to see you back Shree.. or should I say Anita now.. πŸ™‚ tell me.. πŸ™‚ And I wondered so often where you were and did pop back several times to say hi. Good to be following you again and thank you for calling by both Dreamwalker’s.. lol
    Looking forward to your art blog also.. Exciting times.. and so pleased you are back with a few more experiences under your belt and doing what you enjoy within your own time frame..
    Love and Blessings.. and Hugs
    Sue xxx ❀

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    1. Sue!! I had no idea how much I missed your lovely words and presence till I visited your blog again πŸ™‚ Yes a name change was in order..a combination of both names. It was suggested by a friend and I liked did it! At least on the web πŸ™‚ Hugs!

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  2. Hi Shree… sorry, Anitashree… good to see you posting again – I too look forward to seeing your art blog. I always say blog as and when you feel like it, no pressure then… and a change is always as good as a rest. I look forward to reading more.

    And may grace always be with you – not only in your room! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hehe..Shree is just as fine as Anita πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting and commenting too! Yea, I keep saying no pressure…but I pressure myself..SO this time I have to be more aware of it. Thanks Tom for your kind words πŸ™‚

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  3. Hi AnitaShree or Shreenita?,

    You got a few likes and comments already, like you never left πŸ™‚ I have always enjoyed your writing and I am sorry to hear that writing for a living can lead to burn out. I do agree that it is about balance. If blogging brings you joy, than go for it. You will know what is best for you. I work full time now so I don’t blog as often, but even browsing my reader brings me joy. WordPress is home because of the community.

    Welcome back!

    PS, love your picture.

    ❀ Linda

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    1. Linda!! Hi and thank you πŸ™‚ It’s Anita or Shree or Anita Thank you for saying that you enjoy my writing! and yes..balance is always my lesson, it just comes to me in a variety of ways.
      It DOES feel like coming home and I am so glad that my bloggy friends are still around. Big hugs!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I wholeheartedly agree. I waited for years to discover people who were like-minded and really got me and were committed to growth. You were all waiting for me here, when I was ready to start a blog. I am getting teary now, but tears of joy ❀

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          1. You were one of the first people who showed me , by example, that online connections can be as “real” as ones in the material world. Shree and many others soon followed and almost four years later the numbers of connections increase and the love grows more powerful ❀

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      2. Sue! really does feel like home with friends..close friends..where when I say I am terrified of butterflies, after the initial giggle the next question is why, and when I said I don’t know, must be a part life nods and says..Ah maybe. Maybe try a regression? πŸ˜›
        And thank you for the visit and the kind words. Missed you too Ms. Sue hugs


  4. I can just so relate to a lot of that. I write for a living too, school, it pays the rent. I get on here irregularly as we most do. I have written more in the last two months than ever before. I certainly see my writing improving.

    The relationship shows on you. I noticed on Facebook when you started to glam it up and take selfies, I noticed how pretty and vibrant you looked. I had one of those online relationships that was totally unconventional if you know what I mean, wink wink? It was fun and kept me alive at a time i was dealing with a breakup.It did you good.

    Qigong! Cool! I have had a daily practice and when I did, I flourished in every way. I wish you could teach me this crazy goose movement. I think I would like that one very much.

    So good to have you back here but as you are my FB friend, I still got to see you there, so I hadn’t lost you, and I don’t ever want to. You and my other friends here are valuable to me.


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    1. the double wink for unconventional relationships online. I’ll add a double wink to that too πŸ˜‰
      I’m not sure if my writing has improved in any way because my blogging style is very different. I allow my mind to speak with some form of editing, but I feel maybe, it has improved in it’s rambly-ness.
      My “online” friends are valuable to me too, and I am so grateful to the ones who are close to me. Hugs πŸ™‚

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