November and being crazy

It’s a Saturday morning and it’s ridonkulously early at 6.12 am as I type this. It’s the 29th of October and in another 2 days we will be greeting the month of November. A few days ago I made a decision that may mean a few things: I still make some impulsive decisions; I can be completely and irrationally optimistic or I must be going a little mad.

November has been linked to the National Novel Writing Month for some time now and I think over time and with the increasing popularity of blogging an off-shoot of that formed for bloggers all over the blogosphere. Rarasaur, a very well known and well loved blogger on WordPress created an “unofficial” “little” movement a few years ago called NanoPoblano to encourage her blog friends and community to blog, blog, blog through the month of November. So yes, in essence when you sign up as a NanoPoblano-er, you make a commitment to publish one blog post







And..yup, I signed up for it…again!  Because she’s a crafty little dinosaur, and lovable, and sweet and convincing…she promised me a motivational poster starring Abigail, the magical talking sloth with the pink tutu. How could I pass up on that! A motivated sloth is magical in and of itself, add the ability to talk AND wearing a pink tutu?

You know, the last time I did this was 3 years ago..and I barely survived that experience but you know was an awesome, crazy month! I remember it being challenging, scary, stressful BUT even with all that..totally awesome!

So yes..if you are a blogger and want to participate in this November madness, just send in your blog’s address (here) and you’ll be more than welcomed! Take a look around to get an idea of what it is and all the great tips and such posted too! That will be here. And, if you are a reader of blogs then follow the blogs on this list…you never know whom you’ll click with or what gems you’ll stumble on…that’s exciting..isn’t it?

Clicking the image takes you to the Nano Poblano blog roll.

6 thoughts on “November and being crazy

  1. You are a Glutton for punishment Anitashree… 🙂 But knowing you as I did, lol.. 🙂 you will rise to the challenge and come hell or high-water a blog post will be produced..
    I have a job posting roughly twice a week so no way could I commit to such a challenge. But I am sure you will be producing some wonderful posts..
    Looking forward to it and Good Luck..
    Lots of Love Sue xxx ❤

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