The plan…

Those who know me, know I love planning. When in the mood, I’d trawl YouTube checking out how-to vidoes on organising and planning your day..morning, night, life..anything that involves pretty journals and stationery, and just tip on staying on track. Most times I’d watch the videos, ooo and aah at the pretty things, get a few tips..think of doing the same…and kinda gets in the way and off I go doing something else.

Well, I have a plan for this month’s blog a post a day challenge. I haven’t written it down but that’s ok because it’s a simple plan…nothing too elaborate.

So, following yesterday’s post, this is how I plan to manage and balance being a Nano Poblano. I currently have two blogs. Heartsongs is one and mainlycoloursandmandalas is the other. So, I’ll be posting posts either on here or there. If I do post on the second blog, I’ll post a post here with a link.

And..yea..that’s about it. THAT’s my big plan!

Well..there are other little things that I plan on doing as well. For one, I’m not going to stress myself and churn out 7 blog posts during the weekends to get me through the week. Instead, as I learn to stand up for myself and  assert my right for a work-life balance, I will have more time in the evenings to schedule posts when inspiration strikes. I am going to space out the more wordy posts with some shorter, less wordy posts. Maybe do a few of my “Shree wonders” posts and some quotes I find…you know..a nice…balance 😉

A shout out to fellow Nano Poblanos, don’t forget to check the dedicated blog for us with tips, resources and prompts!!

Go! Go! Peppers!!


Click the image to take you to the list of Nano Poblano bloggers!

13 thoughts on “The plan…

  1. Good luck with your posting, Shree… sometimes it isn’t the time that’s the issue, but knowing what to write about. In those situations, I tend to write about nothing… there’s always something there to fall back on!!! 😀

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  2. Hello Anita, as this is my first visit to your blog, I would like to tell you that you have a lovely atmosphere here, equipped with good posts and some lovely people.
    Coming back to the post, It is very important to have a solid plan ready, before any venture. best of luck

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    1. Hi Tuhin. Thank you for dropping by and reading and commenting! Yes. A good plan always helps, but like any good plan, it is a living thing too that changes. I just plan too much and too hard till I get completely tired even before I start on anything. lol


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