Louise Hay: my go to affirmations person

I’ve known of Louise Hay for some years now but only really paid attention to her in the past few months. This in reality is pretty odd, but then again this is me…odd and weird are my friends.

See, I have two of Louise Hay’s books with me. I bought them some 5 years ago because it looked..ahem..pretty and it was on sale. It’s one of her best sellers called “You can heal your life” and I got both the book and the workbook. I bought them, I brought them home, I placed them on my shelf and…yea, that story ends there.

Another odd thing is this. I knew of Louise Hay and I knew of Hay House. It was only recently I realised that Louise HAY and HAY House had a connection. Hay House was started by Louise Hay. Ha!

Here are some other things that make her pretty cool:

  1. She started her studies when she was 48 years old.
  2. She wrote her first book when she was 51 years old.
  3. She published her best seller when she was 59 years old.
  4. She started her publishing business at 62 years of age.
  5. She just celebrated her 90th birthday this year.
  6. And she beat cancer.

And no..I didn’t really know all that about her either..I took all those off her website: Louise Hay

I know that affirmations are the “go to” for those who are working on themselves, for whatever purpose. However, I’ll be honest. I never really resonated with the ones that sound like something used in those what-chu-call-it..marketing meetings. (There is a perfect scene of what I mean in the movie “Love and other drugs” but I can’t find it on YouTube. Lots of the steamy scenes from that movie on there though..snort)

Anyway, what I meant to say was that I recently started paying close attention to the affirmations by Louise Hay and I find them totally..awesome.

Yes, they are all positive but it fortunately lacks this sense of “hype”. It feels light, if that makes sense to you. It feels gentle. It feels supportive. It feels like something a wise and dear one would say to you. It feels comfortable. It feels real. It feels clean and all the other good stuff.

Here are a few of my favourites. If you click here – it will take you to her Facebook page. And if you do have a Facebook account, like the page because she posts daily affirmations that will be delivered straight to your timeline. There’s even a phone app to get these affirmations.


Below is an example of affirmations she uses in addition to the shorter version.

Love is really the most powerful healing force there is. When we realize how incredibly beautiful we all are, we have the answer to world peace – a world where it is safe for us to love each other. Let’s affirm: My love is limitless. – Louise Hay

Do you do affirmations? Or have a “go to” affirmation person?

Let me know 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Louise Hay: my go to affirmations person

  1. I have known of her for awhile but just went to a Hay House conference in September and met Anita Moorjani and heard a few other amazing authors speak. I plan to blog on it at some point. I used to use affirmations and will suggest them at times with my clients.

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    1. You should check her out, Peter! And it’s cool..I sometimes have people shaking their head at me or put them in shock for not knowing people/music/movies/books that are very popular..hehe


    1. Hehe..I had to Google the meaning of neophyte. On the bright side, I had guessed what it meant right! So yay me for that and for learning a new word! Affirmations that resonate with us would be the best kinds. I look out for the Louise Hay’s FB post daily and some really seems so apt for me most days, which can be awesome. You could try that an see too!

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  2. I occasionally use Ho’oponopono, Shree, usually when I’m driving. I should use it more, but it isn’t ingrained within me for some reason to just practice it. I also own You Can Heal Your Life, which I flick through at times…

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