This is a post about words. It’s about our perception of those words, what they mean to us, what those words trigger within us and also about the context in which those words were whispered, said, shouted or written.

Mr Tookles aka Madhawi is an artist. She does amazing work. It’s gorgeous, it’s whimsical, sometimes it feels a little sad but always magical. Most of her work includes quotes or prose. Well, just 2 days ago she posted one of these pieces of art on her Facebook page.


The art itself is absolutely gorgeous. I mean..anyone who can make a pair of ovaries look THAT pretty must be an awesome artist! Here are the words that this piece contains:

From woman, man is born

Within woman, man is conceived

To woman he is engaged and married

Woman becomes his friend

Through woman future generations come

When his woman dies, he seeks another woman

To women he is bound

So why call her bad?

From her kings are born

From woman, woman is born

Without women

There would be no one at all

– Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

As usual in Facebook, once you comment on someone’s post you get notified of others’ comments. Well, someone commented on the words to this piece. The person talked about how those words irritated them because it seemed to put men down. In a way, it was another one more post about feminism and such.

I read that and thought, “Wow..ok..angry”. I didn’t comment on that comment but others did. It did get me to think though as how things like these makesa person think or wonder about …things.

I’m a female. I’m 44. I am aware of the struggles of gender discrimination. I am aware of how through history women have taken up the cause of allowing females to break the bonds that held them down. I am also aware that this is still an ongoing process, specially in certain under-developed and developing countries. I am aware because I live in a community that still holds on to traditions and customs where women are still expected to be bound in certain aspects of life.

I am also aware of and think know where this person was coming from. I’ve seen posts about empowering women and other “feminist” memes  that make their rounds around the internet. And some of these “empowering” posts and words aren’t really…empowering. Not in a positive way.

It feels angry. It feels like it comes from a place of deep-seated anger and frustration. It comes not from a place of power, but from a lack of power. It feels like it is pointing fingers and blaming. It FEELS…not right.

And this is part of the power of words, our own experiences, perceptions, emotions and where our mind is at.

I know that words carry vibrations and in this world of duality, there are good words and bad words, positive words and negative words, loving words and hateful words. Words that carry us up and words meant to tear us apart and pull us down.

However, I don’t feel that is the WHOLE story.

What I feel is that apart from the words itself, it also carries the  INTENTION and the ENERGY from where they come from. What was that person feeling, what was their intention, what were they thinking when they said or wrote those words?

When someone says something to us, we can usually “hear it”. However, I also truly believe that it can happen when we write the words too, regardless if its actual writing or tapping on a keyboard sort of writing.

The energies, when strong enough hits you as you read those words. It transfers from the person, through their hands and into those words.

There is also a third part to this and that would be what and how we are feeling at the time of reading those words, or how we feel about the subject matter. Those emotions tend to then blur everything else up.

Those words that accompanied that beautiful art piece didn’t feel angry. I didn’t feel blame. It felt like a questioning. It felt like a gentle reminding. It made me think of not only the female as a person..as a human being, but also the divine feminine within each of us. It made me think of Mother earth. When I read those words, I had no idea who or what Guru Granth Sahib Ji was. So, I asked Madhawi and she told me it was from a Holy Book by Guru Nanak. It was from the Holy Book of Sikhism.

Sometimes, even I do it. It’s called “jumping into conclusions” or “assuming”.  Sometimes, maybe, it would be better to remember to breathe and then read the words again. Sometimes, maybe, it would be better to question why we feel what we feel when we read these magical things called words.

So yea..there you go…one beautiful work of art and one comment from someone I don’t even know…and my mind took a wander.

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14 thoughts on “Words

  1. Words can be very powerful, Shree. Chosen correctly, even the nicest of words can convey a nasty undercurrent. I like playing with words. I like the image you have shared. I may attempt a similar type of image – though not with ovaries.

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    1. ahahahah! that last bit about the art..hehe.
      Yea, words can be powerful. I think that is why when we were growing up my sister and I (and most all kids) were taught always always THINK what would anyone say before you say or do anything. That has its pros and cons..but it worked. hehe.


  2. ” And some of these “empowering” posts and words aren’t really…empowering. Not in a positive way.”- I agree with this completely. Since words have great power and once used, they cannot be taken back, they should be treated with extreme carefulness and dexterity.

    Thanks for sharing the artwork..it’s AMAZING!!!

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  3. Loved your wandering mind Shree.. 🙂 The problem with us Humans is that we have to give everything a label.. LOL.. and we presume too much.. 🙂 Words are just that Words.. Its the Power we Give to them.. and how we allow Words to Wound..
    I loved reading those you chose dear Shree.. Love and Hugs xx

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