In the zone…

To be honest, I have no idea if I should blame the full moon, the dreary weather or both. I have no idea if it’s just me in a slump. I have no idea if I need a slap to “wake up” already. My mind is in this weird place. It’s not for once, over thinking…yet, it’s not exactly in that silent state when one meditates. My body feels fine. My emotions on the other hand…feels a little dull. Quite dull. Blurry. Not there. But there. As if there is something bubbling just beneath the surface and one small act of I don’t even know what, is going to cause this eruption of…I don’t know what. So, in the spirit of wanting to stubbornly carry on with Nano Poblano because, damn it, I am not gonna quit…yet. Even though my mind says, knowing when to let go takes wisdom and it doesn’t mean quitting…I’m stubborn. Hehe.

So here we go..something cute, something sweet…and something to remind us that sometimes it’s ok…to just chill out with a piece of carrot.

12 thoughts on “In the zone…

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