Moving ahead…


So, for those of you who follow and/or visit the blog (not the same thing sometimes 😉 ), you may have noticed a little change. I took the leap and registered this site as a .com, so the web address is now . I did this about a week ago, I think. I’m not too sure, and I’m a little lazy to check my email to see exactly when I did..ha! Some things don’t change. I also registered another blog quite some time ago and named that mainlycoloursandmandalas .

However, me being totally me..I forgot to do some research. So BOTH these sites are under ONE account. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…but I’m thinking probably not. I honestly don’t know for sure. I’m impulsive like that. I’ll get this idea…and I’ll just do it. Sometimes, that’s good. Sometimes it’s called following your intuition. Sometimes it’s just plain foolishness. And…sometimes, it falls in between the two. In those cases, it really isn’t half as bad.

Why two sites?

Well, I’ve been sort of thinking…and this idea…this dream of mine has been incubating some where within my mind for really quite some time now. I have done a few things here and there about it, but not really committed to anything concrete. The problem with that is a lot of times, it doesn’t move. It just stagnates, whatever this some thing is. Sometimes that’s really quite all right, you know. We have other commitments, we have responsibilities…and life. And because of that, we sometimes forget or are too tired, or are too strapped for resources like time and money to actually DO something concrete.

What I want, is to further my knowledge and understanding of Aura Soma with the aim of becoming a practitioner and a teacher. I want to not only use the Aura Soma system as a tool to help others, but to incorporate my love of mandalas and colour into my sessions. I want to practice my art and mandala creation with the aim of doing commissioned pieces for clients and to sell my prints/original pieces. My sister suggested that I should create another blog site to help me in this and that is why I created mainlycoloursandmandalas (MCAM).

That’s where I intend to write about AuraSoma, and use the creation of the posts as a time of learning. I’d have to read about the bottles and all the other aspects that go into Aura Soma, so what better way to read, learn, understand and remember the stuff, right? That is the place where I will be posting my arty stuff including the mandalas. In fact, I’ve already moved the page of free mandalas to print to that site.

This blog site will the place for me to ramble 🙂 Anyone who has followed my posts knows that me and rambly posts are good friends. I have lots of “friends” – lazy and slothy (that’s Abigail my magical talking sloth, taken from the book The Magician King) are good friends while Miss Drama Queen tends to pop in once in a while. I will stick to what I like to ramble about which will be basically topics I tend to call the “spiritual stuff” and of course participate in challenges and all those other awesome bloggy ..stuff (I mentioned in some post some where in this blog that one of my favourite words is “stuff”. Others are wonky, thingie and sometimes. I even wrote a poem about the word sometimes..I’ll need to find it…some time. Ha! You see what I did there? )

Right..before this becomes a 1000 word rambling post that goes no where, my plans for moving forward as of now are:

  1. I will make MCAM my primary site instead of this blog. I really am not sure how much it is going to help me get more followers, but I do know that when I do visit blogs and comment on them like I usually do, and if someone were to be curious and click on my link, it would take them there…instead of here.
  2. I’ll probably start bugging all of you who regularly visit me here, to join me there as well – not really sure HOW I’m going to do the bugging, because well…shall we instead take THIS as a “If you aren’t following me on MCAM, click the link and follow me!” (bugging done!).
  3. I will posting one post a week on both sites. I’m not sure exactly when,  it may be Sunday for both or on different days…we shall see about this.
  4. If you have also liked my Heart Songs page on Facebook…I’ll be making a change. I’ll convert that page to exclusively post stuff from MCAM and open my existing personal Facebook page posts to public. Things that are not meant for public and only close friends, I’ll change the setting..and all that awesome technical stuff. It makes sense as my personal Facebook goes by my name “Anita Shree Jacob”..and this blog is “”…and I honestly can’t be arsed about being totally private on Facebook when my blog posts aren’

And…that’s about it! My 5 step plan on the path to achieving my dreams! Of course there are all the other stuff like attending further Aura Soma classes and starting to actually DO sessions, since I can do them…  …  …

Wish me the best? That would be awesomely appreciated 😀

8 thoughts on “Moving ahead…

  1. I already follow both but am partial to the former Heartsongs. I enjoy your rants and such. But I also will support your artistic goals. You are very multi-talented and am excited for you. Congrats on the name change, tres cool!

    love, Linda

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  2. It’s good to have an outlet for your creativity, and it sounds like you’re really committed to the Aura Soma system.So I certainly hope that that goes well for you, and that you can build it up to what you want it to be.

    Not sure what you mean by having both sites under one account. You mean both names under one registrar? That really doesn’t matter. Or maybe you mean one WP account. I’m not sure if that matters or not. If you want full control, you can always host your site on a private webhost provider which would separate one site from the other.

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    1. Both sites in one account. I’ve done some changes now and made the new site as my primary site and changed the theme of this blog with an announcement and link right at the top. I hope that will work for now 😊


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