An apologetic announcement

This goes out to everyone who has me on Facebook and WordPress reader. You would have noticed that there magically (nightmarishly) were a flood of posts from this blog. I’d like to apologise for that. As you can see by the title of the posts, these are all really old ones and were all put in one “Page”.True to myself, only have being on WordPress for about 5 years (off and on) did I only this morning realise that I could use a “Category” of posts as a separate page. ~does a self facepalm~.

I used to visit blogs and I’d see some with separate pages for the different categories, and I’m be thinking…”Wow..I wish I knew some fancy html thingie to do that” or “HOW do they DO such cool stuff!! I want that too!!”. No…I didn’t ask anyone because, well…it felt like I was asking them to show me their “style”..or they might wonder why I wanted to copy their blogs…. Yes, I know I need a smack on the head sometimes. No, you don’t need to do so. Yes, I do it to myself. Thank you. Hehe.

So, yes. Now that I figured it out, that is why the many posts. I usually don’t do a strictly “Life Updates” post much, so I’ve always wanted a page dedicated for it without adding multiple sub-pages to it. So, now I can 🙂

So, apologies for flooding your Facebook and/or reader 🙂


7 thoughts on “An apologetic announcement

    1. You know….I think we all are on similar’s just that the scenenary we perceive or see if very different? If that makes any sense? On the other hand, to have you as a friend on a path similar to mine is quite comforting! So yay!!


  1. Hi Shree, just a quick note (which I had pre-written but need to add a little bit to it as well so I don’t appear as spam!) 😀 to say My visiting, replying, commenting and the like have fallen a little by the wayside of late, for which I apologise, but wanted to call by today and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    1. Merry Christmas to you too Tom and the Happiest New Year too!! I understand about the visiting, replying and commenting having fallen a little, it happens sometimes and it’s really fine! You’ve always been a friend that has supported me and this little blog and I will always be grateful for it. I’ve completely fallen off these past few months because of work Have a good rest and great holiday and see you around soon 🙂


  2. Shree.. apologies from me also.. as all the flood of them I did not see as I was feeling under the weather and had so many in my inbox I had to start again from scratch..
    But I am delighted you negotiated the WP categories And now have them all in place..

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.. and I am sending you lots of Love and Blessings for a Wonderful and Happy and an abundant filled year that has lots of Harmony and Peace along with many moments of Joy and Laughter..

    Love and Hugs Sue xxx


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