Date: 4 July 2012

Date: 4th July 2012

Two days ago I officially tendered my resignation at the place that I am currently working.

I have not got another job lined up at another company. In fact, I am leaving the corporate world after a little detour of about 3 years. The person that used to proclaim that she had “lost her patience with patients” has decided to go back to practicing medicine – though this time it will be on a part-time, free lance sort of schedule. In fact, the reason that I have decided to go back to seeing patients is that I needed to gain back my patience with patients.

It’s strange and yet in a way it isn’t. I’ve always believed one should never say never and also at certain point in our life we may be sure of one thing and then do a total 180 degree turn and feel the opposite at a different point in time.

I’d been thinking more and more of leaving the drudgery of  the corporate world. To me it wasn’t fulfilling. To me it was suddenly apparent that the “change” I had wanted wasn’t a change in company culture or change in my portfolio. The feeling of restlessness that had prompted me to change jobs didn’t have anything to do with the job. It was some thing else altogether. I realized that some time ago. I had realized what it was that I wanted to do. I had put my intentions out into the Universe. BUT I wasn’t actually doing anything much about it. That was what I hadn’t realized. I was still in the same type of job doing the same sort of thing – it was just in a different company and with different products.  I was stuck in a rut.

Sure, I had started reading again, meditating off and on; and reducing the time I spent on the internet…but that wasn’t breaking out of the mold. That wasn’t taking the step I needed to get out of my comfort zone. That wasn’t showing my determination of following the path that I want to take.

More and more I kept thinking of how I could break free from the monotony of my life,  find the flexibility of time and some sort of independence to pursue my goal. More and more I kept thinking of going back to part time practice. After talking it out with my sis, I finally decided to just do it – Nike style😉

Tallied what I would need to maintain daily expenses, called up a couple of GP clinics around my area and was pleasantly surprised to find that they would be interested in taking me on. I still need to serve my 2 months notice so there will be another round of calls to make nearing the end of the notice period. Wouldn’t you know it. As soon as I had decided, as soon as I had started taking the steps…I got my very first little writing project! It wasn’t much, but it was a start!

Am I worried? Well…honestly speaking I haven’t thought about it. It hasn’t been plaguing my mind and giving me sleepless nights. Sometimes I do feel a small sense of wonder that I’m just leaving a stable job with a stable monthly income to pursue something that isn’t even concrete.

Do I think or feel that it is the right move? For now the answer is a resounding YES! It even works out logically. As someone that want to learn to be a spiritual healer , to write on matters pertaining to life and spirituality; and to maybe one day be able to share my experiences and knowledge what better way than to go back to re connecting with patients and their families. What better way to gain back patience and empathy for another human being than to reach out to the physically ill and to spend time talking with them. Doing free lance and part time locum at clinics will also give me the flexibility of time to read more and to work more on myself.

To get back to me🙂

Awesomeness is in the sharing of thoughts :)

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