2016: Part 1

In the past week, George Michael and Carrie Fisher have both departed this earthly plane. My Facebook news feed has erupted with a lot of fist shakes at 2016 for taking away not one but two entertainment icons. To many of us children of the 70’s and 80’s both these souls were a big part of our lives. In fact, poor 2016 has been getting a lot of flack for a lot of things.

Generally speaking, 2016 seems to be the year when an already crazy, mad human race upped it’s own craziness and madness. It seems as if this year has been nothing but bad things, bad situations, bad decisions, bad people …lots of bad. Not exactly true. Because in the midst of all the (and mostly hilarious) “pre-2016 to post-2016” memes, hidden among all the bad/bat craziness of goings-on, lining the grey clouds being perceived by many of what 2016 stands for…there were amazing stories of human kindness and compassion, human connection and love, and human strength and power.

I mean, 4 days before 2017 hits us, the human race has at least managed to not blow ourselves up into smithereens, so THAT is awesome news!

I’ve been thinking about what to post about 2016 and my mind had quite a few things to say. There has been the general upheavals and then there has been the personal journey too. It feels like these past  years…this millennium.. has been stuffed into a pressure cooker..with the heat turned on first low..and now someone has turned it to its maximum. The ancient Hindus believe that the Earth cycle/ cycle of humanity is divided into 4 ages (yuga), each with its own characteristics. All you need to do is search for “4 yugas” and Google will churn out 250,000 options in 0.46 seconds. Many of the sites at the top of the list go into detail about each yuga and some talk about the end of the last (Kali Yuga). Wikipedia had a nice short description for each:

  • Satya Yuga (also known as Krita Yuga “Golden Age”): The first and best Yuga. It was the age of truth and perfection. The Krita Yuga was so named because there was but one religion, and all men were saintly: therefore they were not required to perform religious ceremonies. The caste system was very flexible. Humans were gigantic, powerfully built, handsome, honest, youthful, vigorous, erudite and virtuous. The Vedas were one. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. There was no agriculture or mining as the earth yielded those riches on its own. Weather was pleasant and everyone was happy. There were no religious sects. There was no disease, decrepitude or fear of anything. Human lifespan was 100,000 years and humans tended to have hundreds or thousands of sons or daughters. People had to perform penances for thousands of years to acquire Samadhi and die.
  • Treta Yuga: Is considered to be the second Yuga in order, however Treta means the “Third”. In this age, virtue diminishes slightly. At the beginning of the age, many emperors rise to dominance and conquer the world. Wars become frequent and weather begins to change to extremities. Oceans and deserts are formed. People become slightly diminished compared to their predecessors. Agriculture, labour and mining become existent. Average lifespan of humans is around 1000-10,000 years.
  • Dvapara Yuga: Is considered to be the third Yuga in order. Dvapara means “two pair” or “after two”. In this age, people become tainted with Tamasic qualities and aren’t as strong as their ancestors. Diseases become rampant. Humans are discontent and fight each other. Vedas are divided into four parts. People still possess characteristics of youth in old age. Average lifespan of humans is around a few centuries.
  • Kali Yuga: The final age. It is the age of darkness and ignorance. People become sinners and lack virtue. They become slaves to their passions and are barely as powerful as their earliest ancestors in the Satya Yuga. Society falls into disuse and people become liars and hypocrites. Knowledge is lost and scriptures are diminished. Humans eat forbidden and dirty food and engage in unrestrained sinful sexual practices. The environment is polluted, water and food become scarce. Wealth is heavily diminished. Families become non existent. Average lifespan of people is barely 100 years, though, by the end of the Yuga, it will be as low as 20 years.

Why did I bring this up? Well, because to me it just feels that it started becoming very evident that we as the human race have been traveling Kali Yuga since this millennium started. It’s like that phrase people use “The shit is about to hit the fan”? Yea…because to me, the stuff being cooked in the above mentioned pressure cooker…is still building that immense pressure and at some point, we as humanity need to stop focusing on the negatives and instead start looking for the lessons and the silver-lining in all things, so that when that shit does hit the fan..we will be ready to change that into..idk..skittles? hehe.

I understand to a certain extent about feeling the loss of these icons in our lives. I understand that we may feel very angry and frustrated with 2016. I don’t know who or what started this “2016 is going to be a shit year”, but it seems like almost everyone is saying that it’s been the year from “hell” – with a lot of upheavals and un-welcomed changes entering their lives.

I have a story to tell:

I was 12. I wasn’t popular. I wasn’t hated or disliked in school. I was just there. I had people in school who were friendly towards me, but I never felt that I had friends. I never hung out with people after school. In fact, I think I just wanted to go home, be in my room and read my books. Anyways, the assistant principal was retiring. I think her name was Mrs. Wong. She was a nice lady…I guess. Can’t really remember. What I do remember is this. Almost every girl in school/in my class were totally devastated that she was leaving. Some were bawling their eyes out while some just looked really sad. I, on the other hand, being someone who can be totally…feelingless at times…looked around me and wondered what all the fuss was about. It’s not like she died, for goodness sake!

I was 12. I didn’t think I had any friends. I thought I was the one being totally weird. So….I did it. I “cried”. I squeezed my eyes, made the sad face and forced myself to cry. It is, till today, one of the most tiring acts of drama I’ve ever had to endure. Like seriously…what was I thinking?!?

The point of this is that..could it be that no matter how you turn and look at it – side ways, front ways, back ways, diagonal ways – 2016 is and will always be…2016. It is a year. It of course carried the vibrations of the number 9. Yes, that does have its significance. Yes, it gave us opportunities upon opportunities to take a good hard look at ourselves as humanity. It gave us opportunities to end things that were not bringing us to our highest potential. It gave us opportunities to de-clutter. It gave us opportunities to reach into the dirt and clean, clean, clean. But, you know what? It didn’t make this year a bad year. We did. We all did. In our own way, because someone said it was a shit year, and we all agreed that it was. So everything that happened was 2016’s fault because it was a shit year.

I don’t know if this is “right” or “wrong”. Why can’t we not be grateful?

  • Grateful to all the celebrities who have passed on from the here and now, for giving us music, art and films that impacted our lives.
  • Grateful to all the souls who were born into their lives, to give us the opportunities the open our eyes and see what “progress” has done to our essence as a human race.
  • Grateful, even to those politicians, who you wanna smack, kick and maybe even strangle, because by their actions they have made it very obvious of the corruption that seethes beneath every country’s political surface.
  • Grateful to all those “bad” people who also by their actions have woken us up and made many say “enough is enough, we got to do something about it”.
  • Grateful to all those souls who have passed on or are still in the thick of the destruction of war and civil unrest, because again, if this doesn’t wake us up as a mass consciousness…I honestly don’t know what will.

I’m not saying that to grieve is wrong. That would be silly. Of course we grieve. It is part of the human experience. Of course we feel hurt, we feel frustrated, we feel angry, but for how long? Do we keep focusing our anger and frustrations into these situations? Do we focus our sadness and hurt into these situations? For how long? Paula Abdul had it wrong. Opposites don’t really attract, not really. Like attracts like. And the more we focus all these denser energies, the more we allow it to grow.

There are so many people out there who take these experiences and focus on doing something to right the wrongs, and for this I am ever so grateful to you. Every little action, word and thought put out through you and into the world, I choose to believe impacts the world and humanity. I choose to believe that you are there shining your light as brightly as you can, to help.

And then there are those who just wail and lament without doing anything. And then there are those who try to do some thing to help, but with so much of anger and fear mongering, it just oozes from their words like toxin….

I guess what I’m trying to say not too succinctly is that – let us for the next 4 days try our very best not to blame 2016. Instead, let us be grateful. Maybe its time to let go of this weird thinking that 2016 is to blame for everything. Maybe, if we focus on taking a deep, deep breath in..and the slowly letting go of the tensions, we can instead look towards hope and light. For everyone of us – every.one. – no exceptions. Hope and light, love and light, hope and light..and smile. Because, even though a lot of times its a hard thing to wrap my mind around it, we are powerful beings. We can change and shift the mass consciousness of the human race and all we need to do is to change our perception and look within.

You know, sometimes to love every single person might not be easy. There are quite a number of people’s necks I wanna snap at times..hehe. But, maybe we can start with respect and that golden rule of  treating each other the way we would want to or have wanted to be treated, might be a great start?

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15 thoughts on “2016: Part 1

  1. So wonderfully refreshing to read your post Anita… amongst the doom and gloom. YES 2016 has been a challenging year for everyone because we have been forced out of our comfort zone. 2016 is the year of the completion of Earth’s Human Game. Everyone is having to make a choice, unconsciously or consciously of how they are going to consciously create their reality from now on. The whole game has changed… we are free to choose. I know what I choose going into 2017… I’m writing a post about it at the moment… see you in 2017 Anita leading the way to creating a loving, peaceful and joyful #NewEarth… love barbara x

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  2. Reblogged this on Mr. Angellis live Friday Show and commented:

    Well said! It is not 2016 to be blamed for our own shortcomings! We should take a long hard look in the mirror. But then again, we are as weak and vulnerable as to refuse our self-assessment of our accomplishments for this 2016 year! Does it matter much? There is a lot to aspire for in the future, the near future, this coming year, this 2017! So cheers…

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  3. Well said! It is not 2016 to be blamed for our own shortcomings! We should take a long hard look in the mirror. But then again, we are as weak and vulnerable as to refuse our self-assessment of our accomplishments for this 2016 year! Does it matter much? There is a lot to aspire for in the future, the near future, this coming year, this 2017! So cheers

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  4. I don’t know if 2016 has been any worse than any other year for the number of famous people who have died. Certainly many of those who we knew 30+ years ago are getting old now, and they won’t be around forever.

    In my opinion the worst thing for 2017 is the new president. I hope when he gets in power he will not be nearly as crazy as he sounds. Otherwise it could be a really bad year for most of us.

    The time to stock up on chocolate and wine gums is now!

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  5. Kali Yuga: Yes in many ways with all that we are fed by the media, it may well appear we are held within Kali Yuga time..
    It all depends upon our perspective..
    And as a 12 yr old your own perspective was on a different level to that of your class mates..
    This was a very insightful post Shree..

    ” And then there are those who try to do something to help, but with so much of anger and fear mongering, it just oozes from their words like toxin….”… Yes but we still keep trying to help.. Even if its with a word here or there..
    That quote about 7 billion .. Yes Love is what is missing.. The world would be a different place if only each of us learnt to LOVE, truly love one another..

    Wishing you all the best Shree.. Loved your post and thoughts… And thank you for sharing your 12 year old self..
    Hugs and Blessings Sue xx


    1. Sue…why the fare the well!!! Where are you going?? I’m sorry..but I have been just totally out of sync and trying to continuously find balance in work and what I really love to do 😦 Huuuuugs. I shall be back!

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      1. Anita, Sorry you have been out of sync, Lots of energies around which are affecting us all right now.

        Nice to know you are ok..
        I will be honest with you.. I have been going through those I follow who have not posted in ages or not visited, and saw that comments were not being answered upon your post, for such a long time. and you had not posted in ages and the one you had posted was set to a password..That I thought you had decided to quite WP again. So I did press unfollow.. Which was why I said fare the well..
        Its lovely to see you and a new picture of you too.. So I will add you back.. It was nothing personal Anita. I am trying to trim down my follow lists which got to over 400.. A lot of people are leaving WP or have not posted in over 6 months, So that was the reason..
        I knew if you ever returned you would find me through the comments links I had left..
        Sending my Love and hope you post now and again.. We did miss you and said so..
        Lots of Love Sue xxx ❤

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        1. Aww…totally understandable Sue. I’ve done it too! hehe. And yes..just trying to balance things out..and not abandoning this or the other blog..just need to sit my arse down and write stuff..lol.

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