oh beautiful, amazing life. With all its twists and turns, with its surprises that are sometimes good and sometimes not too good, jolting you from one phase to the next, causing upheavals in well laid plans only to teach us that sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and to remind us that plans are living, breathing things that should have the flexibility to shift, turn, expand and contract when it needs to.

For someone like me, who loves to plan for the sake of planning;Β  who at the age of soon-to-be-45 years is still learning the delicate art of balancing her life, dreams, wants and everything else in between; who isΒ  awesome at visualising (also known as day-dreaming) but is still learning the art of doing within the flow yet with focus and discipline…these sudden surprises tend to not only overturn my nicely organised apple cart, but sort of gets me to forget what exactly it was that I was supposed to be doing.

Okay, so after those two huge sentences that would have made professional writers scream and pull their hair out in frustration…a little update on the life of Anita Shree.

The BIG thing is that my mum had a fall and broke not one but both her wrists. The strange thing was that I felt totally calm. It was as if something lifted from her and I wasn’t worried about how she’d be. I knew with regards to her injuries that she’d be okay. And she is. She’s doing okay. My sister’s friend knew of a specialist that kindly saw her at a private hospital very near our home. He did say that she would need an operation to insert plates for her left wrist but, I made a decision against it (another surprising thing as I’d usually have been second guessing my decisions). So he manually reduced the fracture and put it in a cast, and the post-reduction x-ray came back as acceptable which is awesome. The fracture on the right wrist wasn’t as bad so that’s in a “half-cast”. My sis and I have come up with a routine of who does what and for the past one week, it’s been working okay. I’m still feeling grateful, even though this happened. Why? Well, for my mum’s age and medical problems, I’m just ever so grateful it wasn’t her hip or back. I’m grateful for this feeling ok “It’s going to be alright” when the big drama happened, I’m grateful for the friend who got her friend to see to my mum, I’m grateful that I work from home which allows me to take care of her and I don’t know..I’ve been pretty okay with it all. Just lost my cool about 3 times the whole week, so that’s pretty good! I still don’t understand that feeling I had when it all happened.

Work has been well, work. I’m gaining a lot of insights and do see some progress within me. In the end, that’s the important bit. That’s what I am more concerned about. So, we will see.

With all that’s been happening, there is my plan…my dream. And though it is going a little slower than expected, it’s still moving. This is the month of experimentation and each time I close my eyes and visualise, I smile and I feel my heart smile..and I’m just all smiley and shit, until you know, the day starts…ha ha!

I’m also really quite proud that I’m sitting in front of my computer and typing this blog post out. It means that I’m not letting my intentions for this space of mine to go unattended as I’ve done before. However, my visits to my bloggy friend’s blogs are suffering. It’s something that I will have to learn to manage within everything else and not stress about it!

I hope you are all well in your own life. I hope that you will bear with me as I get things sorted (slowly but surely) and gain time to visit your blogs, your space of you soon.

Until the next time (hopefully that will be next week), much love and much light and bunches of awesomeness to you πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Life..

  1. Firstly Shree.. I hope your Mum is continuing to heal… And yes so fortunate it wasn’t a hip etc.. So nasty to fall ..
    Good to see your post and that you seem brighter somehow.. A shift perhaps… LOL..
    Good to see you are making plans and not letting do of Dreams.. All important..
    I just had to come and say hello before I close down my PC for the day, and forget to return πŸ™‚
    Today’s work out in the allotments has taken its toll..
    Sending LOVE.. And Hugs.
    Sue xxx ❀

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    1. Sue! Hellos!! Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s still early to tell, but approximately another 5 weeks in the casts. And thank you for telling me you feel a shift! That was awesome to hear.
      I’m taking the allotments are in your garden/farm? I really must seriously spend some time visiting my friends’ check things out! Hugs! Have a great week a head, Sue.

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      1. Haha… Yes, today it has seemed like a farm, lol.. My arms ache so do my fingers from holding the hoe..
        So I was about to close down and rest up when I saw your email alert to your post.. So had to say hi..
        Hubby broke his wrist many years ago from a fall out of the back of his van. stepping backwards he lost his footing.. One specialist said he should have a rod inserted, when a kindly but very senior Chinese Dr came on the scene, saying he didn’t, and that in later years he would thank him, as metal would make his wrist ache even more when healed.. He mended fine.. in a cast.. πŸ™‚ xxx
        Love and Hugs .. xxxx ❀ and more hugs

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