Trust & faith: a little post

It’s 1.15 am on a very, very early Sunday morning here as I write this. I didn’t think I would be posting a blog post, any time soon with all that’s going on right now, but…sometimes, life surprises you..or me 😉

Taking care of my mum for the past 3 weeks has been physically tiring, and work being as busy as it is, I’m usually brain fried by the time 6 pm rolls around. The good news is that the fractures are “stable”, meaning that the pieces have not moved out of alignment. The other good news is that my morning routine is pretty much set, though there have been days that I’ve had to give myself a good pep talk to start the day going. Fingers and toes crossed that the casts can come off on schedule, in 3 weeks time.

Last night (well, technically last night, but since I haven’t slept yet, we could go with ‘tonight’) I decided a nice movie would be a good way to end the night. Problem movie led to another and…another. The good thing was that the last two movies I watched were pretty awesome ones.

The Young Messiah was the first of the two. It was a dramatisation of the life of Jesus as a young boy. It focused on the part of the story where Jesus “goes missing” during the trip to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. There was a scene in that movie showing Jesus kneeling and praying to God. As the story goes, Mary decides that it is too dangerous for them to continue to Jerusalem as the Roman soldiers could identify Jesus and were after them. However, Jesus knew that he had to get to Jerusalem. So, he decides to go…when everyone is asleep.

It was dead in the night, the dark Prussian blue sky dotted with what seemed like a million glittering stars and the land ahead seemed vast and lonely. He knelt, he prayed and then he got up and, with such confidence ran into the night towards Jerusalem. That little scene..just those 2 minutes, gave me this feeling of awe. What it must feel like to have so much trust in God/Universe/the Divine. What it must feel like to completely let go and to go with the flow, with no fear but complete trust…the trust of a child. And for some reason, I am really grateful to have watched and felt that.

Legally blonde is one of those movies that just stick with you…well with me, in this movie’s case. Have you ever watched a movie that sticks with you? Like a “go to”movie? It’s a chick flick, it has some corny scenes and it definitely isn’t one of those “great” movies. However, to me this movie just makes me feel good. It’s this whole idea of going out there and becoming someone greater than what was or is expected of you from everyone else. And I love Elle Wood’s personality. She’s just so…trusting in a way. She just trusts that people will always love her and Brewster (the chihuahua that I just noticed while watching the movie this time, is kinda jittery? like he’s had too much caffeine…). Tonight as I watched the ending, the words of a newly graduated law student by the name of Elle Woods struck me. What she says is:

remembering that first impressions are not always correct. You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself

Trust in God/Universe/the Divine/Wisdom and faith in ourselves. The two things that I needed to hear, to feel and to be reminded of. And for that I am grateful.

I hope too that this serves as a reminder to anyone who reads this post and who needs to see it. And with that, hope you have an awesome week ahead!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Trust & faith: a little post

  1. Hi Shree,
    I cannot believe ( but I do) the synchronicity. As I am reading this I am also watching Saturday Night Live. The skit is about a school production of the play Legally Blonde. NO, I AM NOT Kidding! So maybe I was meant to read this!
    I am glad your mom is doing better.

    Happy Easter of you celebrate ( oh wait it is Monday where you are 😀 )

    love and hugs, Linda

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  2. That’s good that your mother is recovering nicely.

    It’s funny how we can sometimes really like a movie or show that perhaps isn’t so great, but it still speaks to us in a certain way.

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