And this prodigal blogger…

is back!

I know I keep disappearing and “coming back” to this little slice of internet and I don’t really have an excuse except to say that working from home can be amazing and yet disastrous..hehe.

The past few months have been a flurry of trying to finish off projects before I handed them over, drawing mandalas and thinking about how to market them, thinking about re-doing my other site on WordPress as a tool to showcase both my art and profile as a freelance writer, signing up to online freelance platforms, giving myself pep talks to not go all bug eyed and into panic mode for doing this “crazy” thing and finding locum slots while gearing myself up to going back into practicing medicine part time.

It’s a strange feeling. Leaving the security of a stable monthly income and entering fully into a freelancer’s life. It’s also been a weirdly awesome feeling to realise that creating mandalas is now my “job”. Not being the one with that stability of bringing a fixed income into the family has been unsettling but I know it is something that I want to learn to be okay with. This is one way to learn how to let go of control, to allow for help and to acknowledge that I do not have to do “everything”. It’s a good lesson of letting go and trusting the Universe/God.

I’m still settling into this new chapter of my life journey and keep reminding myself to take it just a tad slower. Not to rush, not to be impatient like I’m prone to do. So yes, it is teaching me patience too and balance. A whole lot of balance right now between writing, art, locum, blogging and ….spending 😉

Talking about balance, I’m going to end this blog here for now. And spend the 1 hour I have left before heading off to locum, to catch up on the mountainous range of blogs posts I have

It’s good to be back though. It’s good to just write and not be too picky on how the writing turns out. It’s one of the nicest things ever to be able to just be, in this space I call my own 🙂

11 thoughts on “And this prodigal blogger…

  1. So pleased to learn you are doing with your Life what inspires you Anita.. And it takes courage to set out on your own this way and TRUST with a capital T. The Universe at Work, as we let go and allow ourselves to go within the flow..

    I wish you huge success dear Anita with your Mandala’s they are really beautiful and I know should attract great attention from far and wide..

    Sending huge hugs your way, Lots of LOVE.. ❤ Sue ❤


  2. Good to see you back, Shree, and, like Sue, I also wish you a great success with your artwork. The important thing is just to enjoy what you are doing, whatever it is, and by doing that everything slots into place.

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  3. Blogging does take up time. For the previous couple of years, I dropped off somewhat, but in January 2017, resolved to regularly blog. But life (writing) took precedence and I went off the grid again.

    Back now – and will keep pushing with my story Gag Order.

    Keep at it, Anita, and all the best 🙂

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