Busy bumble bee

…sort of.

You know, working for yourself can be disastrous if you aren’t disciplined enough. Then again, that is a well known fact. But, it is something that I am learning. That being your own boss can be disastrous if you aren’t disciplined enough.

I’ve been slacking off some. I slack off, feel guilty about slacking off, not enjoy the time and what I was doing during this slacking off and after a few pep talks, I will hopefully be less of a slack off. We shall hope.

I did get some things done though!

Uploaded the mandalas onto RedBubble, this online shop that sells various sorts of merchandise with your art on it.

I got my very first online writing project and did well enough to receive a 5-star review! It was for an online website and I wrote up two 900-1000 word articles on the topic of sleep (my favourite subject too..hehe). The pay was really small…USD 8 for the first article and USD 9 for the second. The awesome thing was that these articles were “fixed price” at USD 8, but seeing that I got paid a little more for the second means that the client must have been pretty happy with my work. So yay me.

I sent off 3 proposals but so far nothing yet. It was still some amount of work I had to put in though.

Created and uploaded a new mandala – Love of little things.

Did a stretch of locum for a week. Nearly killed me that one since the last time I played doctor was about 2 years ago. The good thing is that she liked my work enough to give me what I wanted – 2 days locum in a week from 2-10 pm (local time). The other good thing was being given the option to extend the schedule if I wanted or if I was wanted to, take on extra days. So that’s good.

Visited a few bloggy friends and left my comments. I still have a load of blogs to visit and I shall get on it! Soon!

And…that’s about it.

I guess I am so used to working FOR someone or a company with regular work time and accountability to the bosses that being accountable to myself just feels weird..for now…I hope.

So, that is what this bee has been up to. Hope you are all well and sending hugs to my bloggy friends! 🙂


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