The abundance mandala

Abundance mandala

I was talking to a friend of mine about this mandala about a week ago. She mentioned two interesting things. The first was that she was attracted to this mandala even though the colours were not something she would normal go for. The second was that she felt guilty for wanting to purchase this.

One of the basic principles of Aura Soma  is “you are the colours you choose”. What it means is that at a deeper level (be it the subconscious level or as I prefer to believe, the soul level), the energies of certain colours are “needed” at different points in our lives. Colours contain energy and it can help us heal. For example, neonates with jaundice are exposed to UV-light as a part of their treatment.

Wanting abundance can feel guilty. I know, because even I at times am aware of this feeling of “this isn’t right”. We are taught from a very young age, well most of us are, that to be successful and to have financial freedom we need to study hard and work hard. We need to struggle, because without struggle, we can’t make it. We don’t deserve abundance, otherwise. Now, I’m not saying don’t work. I’m not saying don’t put effort. Effort is required. Struggle is not. We are worthy of abundance because abundance is there for everyone.

It goes against the norm though. This idea that abundance is available for everyone. We live in a world of the rich and the poor. We see the rich, we see the poor. We see the expensive stuff and think if only. Imagine a world where these restrictions are not present. Imagine that you work knowing that you are worthy of recognition, that what you do will flow easily, that what you do will attract financial success. Imagine a world where comparisons don’t exist. That what you have is more than enough. That your world, your space creates the abundance that fits you perfectly. Imagine living in a 2 bedroom apartment and loving the space. Making it your own. Where seeing someone else with a large mansion doesn’t affect you because honestly…what does one do with all that space!?

I don’t know. I just know that these thoughts are kind of new to me too! – the not comparing, the creating of a space that fits me perfectly…it makes sense to me. I’ll need to think more about this and start applying it to my own life. See what happens 🙂

I’d love to hear/read your thoughts on abundance, if you’d like to share 🙂

If you are interested the mandala is available

Here and Here


14 thoughts on “The abundance mandala

  1. Such a beautiful Mandala Anita.. and your thoughts are spot on.. We are content within the space of our own selves, and when we are content, why do we need more? Guilt also is an emotion that has been ingrained within us often.

    When we step back and view the world in its duality, we see that we often live from a place of Lack.. When we live in lack, we crave more, in the form of either material, or we want a better job, better relationship etc etc..
    Learning to live from a place of Love, means we no longer live in lack.. But appreciate ALL is in abundance around ourselves..

    So loved the colours too Anita… and lovely to catch this post in my reader today xx ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sue! I totally agree that we are “trained” to come from a place of lack leading to what, if I remember correctly, in Buddhism says is suffering – that when we ‘desire’ we “suffer”. Hugs 🙂

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    1. Hey Peter!, Very true. I remember many years ago my god sis told me that if the excess of food thrown away from hotels and stores were NOT and instead distributed to people who can’t afford it either in the same country or internationally, the problem of starving communities would disappear!


  2. I too like the colours in this mandala, Shree, and your thoughts on abundance are right. If you are happy with the space you are in, then you do have everything you need in that regard. That fits with a lot of things actually… I just need to remind myself of that more often! 🙂

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