It’s approaching that time again

On this side of the world, as I type this, there are another 19 days before November takes its place in our lives. November, the month when writers from all over the world go a little, shall we say, (creative) crazy?

For many years now, November has played host to the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). However, not all of us writers have “publish a book” in our wish list. Some of us are more of the blogging variety and being just as passionate about writing, there bloomed this idea of bloggers taking part in this crazy shenanigans. And so it began…the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).

Now, let me rewind to a few years back and tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in the land of WordPress blogs, there was this amazingly awesome, lively and beautiful dinosaur named Rara. She had a way with words that filled your heart and she had a heart full of love for not only words, but for people too!

Some moons ago, quite a few to be  exact,

On a whim or maybe not,

Rara’s thought bubble popped a thought,

Let’s gather the troop of dinosaur lovers

(Of the Rara kind)

Let’s band together and sing a merry song!

(I don’t really think they did, but let’s just go along with it shall we?)

A song of the love for words,

A song of the love of blogs,

A song of the love of being wonky,

Let’s blog a post






Let’s call it


Because we love peppers,

and peppers are cute,

yet spicy..

(I think that was the reason, I’m not really quite sure)

So, off they went a merry band of NanoPoblano-ers

To get more slightly crazy people

Join in the madness of November!

Anyhoos, what I have been trying to do in my rambly sort of way is to let you ALL know – yes, each and every one of you beautiful, courageous, mad, creative, bloggy peoples out there, that it’s going to start.

NanoPoblano is getting ready to set and go!

For those who are new:

1. NO rules. Just blog every day for the month of November.

2. Click here << to get more information on what NanoPoblano is all about.

3. Click here << to become a Cheer Pepper!! (You don’t have to, but we would love to have you!)

4. You don’t have to be on WordPress, we love all bloggy platforms 🙂

Now all you crazy peppers…think hard (not too hard), think wise (virtue, impulsive acts, do have – Yoda) and if you would like to join in just type YES! and I’ll link your blog below 🙂

Kindly use this format when signing up:


Blog name:

Blog link:

Oh, did I mention…badges. Cute ones. With cute peppers. Maybe even one with fancy text. You get badges!





Introducing the fresh spicy badge from the awesomely creative Sarina of Shining Seeds! Thank you 🙂

You can also get the badge from Ra’s blog. Click this link to take you directly to the image file.

NanoPoblano 2017

As the peppers roll in…

1. My name: Ra
Blog name: Rarasaur

2. My name: Julie
Blog name: Bug Bytes

3. My Name: Bill
Blog Name: Bill Friday (catchy, huh?)

4. My Name: Elsie Hagley
Blog Name: Ramblings of a writer

5. My name: Anita Shree
Blog name: Heartsongs blog
Blog link:

6. My name: Jessie
Blog name: Behind the Willows
Blog link:

7. My Name: Sarina
Blog name: Shining Seeds

8. My name: Lori
Blog name: LoriStory
Blog link:

9. My name: Kasturika
Blog name: Musings of an eccentric mind
Blog link:

10. My name: Lorna
Blog Name: Gin & Lemonade
Blog Link:

11. My name: Angie
Blog name: The Muses Words
Blog link:

12. My name: Varuna
Blog name: Vanilla With Sprinkles

13. Name: Barbara (aka ghost or ghostmmnc)
Blog Name: Teleportingweena

14. Name: Sibelius Russell
Blog name: Consolations Many Form
Blog link:

15. Name: Sarah aka Serendipity
Blog name: Mother of Serendipity (Instagram:
Blog link:

16. Name: Juliette Kings
Blog name: Vampire Maman
Blog Link:

17. Name: Lindsay
Blog name: The Flynnigans
Blog link:

18. Name: Emily
Blog name: Zombie Flamingos
Blog link:

19. Name: Carolyn R Owens
Blog Name: Infinity Coaching Leadership Blog
Blog Link:

20. Name: Kitty Litterbox
Blog Name: Litterbox Riot
Blog Link:

21. Name: Erica
Blog # 1 Name: The Broken Spine
Blog Link:
Blog # 2 Name: The Ink Slinger
Blog Link:


22. Name: Charlene Perry A.K.A. Controlled Chaos
Blog name: The Illusion Of Controlled Chaos
Blog link:

23. Name: Sahara
Blog Name: I Didn’t Just Wake Up This Morning With A Craving

24. Name: Briton
Blog Name: Punk Rock Papa

25. Name: Kim (kimicalreaction)
Blog name: Drunk On Life
Blog link:

26. My Name:- David Ellis
Blog Name:- TooFullToWrite
Blog Link:-

27. Name: Dean
Blog Name: WeeBitWordy Blog

28. Name: Madhawi Karaya (Tooks)
Microblog handle: @mrtookles

29. My name: Kate
Blog name: Will Wally Wonder

30. Name : Varad
Blog Name : L.E.R.T (Loose End of the Red Thread)
Blog link :

31. Name: LDS Daddio (aka Daddio aka The Don)
Blog name: Blended in the Middle
Blog link:

32. My Name: Palak
Blog Name: Expressions
Blog Link:

33. My name: Victoria
Blog name: The Loneliness of the Stay-at-Home-Mother
Blog link:

34. Name: Namratha
Blog name: NamySaysSo
Blog link:

35. Name: Ka Malana
Blog name: Fiestaestrellas!
Blog link:

36. Name: Edward Fagan
Blog name: Edward Fagan Blog
Blog link:

37. Name: Robert Rodriguez
Blog name: Fresh Off the Pad Poetry
Blog link:

38. Name: Lizzie Ward
Blog Name: Cats and Chocolate
Blog Link: 

39. My name: Jesska
My blog’s name: notthrowingstones

40. Name: Quixie
Blog’s name: Quixie’s Mind Palace
Blog link:

41. Name: Heather Marczynski,
Blog name: tUrtlettE
Blog link:

42. Name: Helen C
Blog Name: HHC Blog
Blog Link:

43. Name: Julia Chambers
Blog Name: Aberrant Crochet
Blog Link:
2nd Blog Name: Frell Cancer
2nd Blog Link:

44. Name: Cyn K
Blog name: that cynking feeling
Blog link:

45. Name: Suze
Blog name: Obsolete Childhood
Blog link:

46. Name: Cheryl Wood
Blog name: The Bag Lady
Blog link:

47. My Name: Alison
Blog Name: Delicate Things
Blog Link:

48. Name: Breanna
Blog name: Books, Hooks and Yarn
Blog link:

49. Name: Matt
Blog Name: The Matticus Kingdom
Blog link:

50. My name is Sarah Coolidge
My Blog name is TZ Blog
The link is:

51. Name – Vandana
Blog Link –

52. Name: Marjorie
Blog Name: Don’t Call Me Marge
Blog Link:

53. Name: Melissa
Blog Name: Psychobabble
Blog Link:

54. Name: Deborah Palmer.
Blog Name: Espiritu en Fuego
Blog Link:

55. Name: Louisa
Blog name: Faith, Hope & Chocolate
Blog link:

56. Name: Gwenlynn Ortman
Blog name:Just a Little bit Sweet
Blog link:

57. My name: BJ Rae
Blog name: Near a River
Blog link:

58. Name: Curtis
Blog: memoirs of an unremarkable man
Blog link:




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