A balanced Libra – an oxymoron?

A simple trivia question. Which of the zodiac signs is the only one out of the 12 that does not have any human, animal or part human representing it?

Michael  Some years ago, my sister did a reading for me. This is how the initial conversation went…

Her: Archangel Michael is here.

Me: (thinking of a handsome blonde, muscular, heroic looking Michael with glorious white wings in a striking blue chainmail armour, sparkling in the light of his beautiful being) Oooh..hehe.

Her: What are you hehe-ing about? He’s looking at you seriously and shaking his head.

Me: Oh… (sound of a big bubble popping)

Archangel Michael is often times represented with a scale and a sword. He is the Archangel that deals with the balance of us – the shadow self and the “light” self. He brings down the “evil” while upholding the “light”…basically he was there because my dear, awesome self had issues with …balance.

I’ve had a few readings with my sister and each time the issue has been about balance. My sister once described me as a rubber-band tree, or an elastic-band tree. I swing all the way to one side, lose steam and then with a twang I swing all the way to the other side, then with another painful twang swing all the way back to the other side ..and it repeats.

That centre point? I miss it. Completely. Just whooshing past it. Unable to stop myself. Just whoosh! Then, whoosh!

I’ve tried to work on my balance …sometimes in a very sad attempt, sometimes actually getting it…then whoosh!

There are people out there who are pretty balanced. They know when to focus on something, then let it go, move on to the next, let that go, go back to what they were doing and continue, then let it go…and so on. For me, I’m impatient. Totally impatient. I have to get it done NOW. And it doesn’t matter what “it” is. If it’s not doing, I’m thinking about it. I’ll be thinking about what I should write about in tomorrow’s blog post while trying to catch up on a deadline for a project. Or, I’ll be writing a blog post, unable to let go of the project with said deadline, that’s about 3 days away (plenty of time to get it done!). It can be a project, it can be work, it can be eating or drinking, it can be sleeping.

Balance, I feel is not really the same as in moderation. I feel “in moderation” is a subset of being balanced. You are aware when something is enough and you can let it go – be it food, work, enjoyment, or even alcohol and being lazy, being productive and the list goes on.

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For me personally, I have come to realise that if I am not aware of what I am doing and if I do not focus on what I am doing at the moment, I lose any sense of what’s happening. I can get lost in work. I can get lost in watching YouTube videos mindlessly at times. That’s when I lose balance.

That’s when I keep going and going at one thing, neglecting everything else. Burn out or get thoroughly bored. Swing all the way to the other side and get onto something else, completely neglecting what I had been doing before. You’d think at least with work there would have been focus and some form of awareness. You know what? Strangely, the answer is no. There is no awareness and there is no true focus. I’d just be so immersed in this one thought of getting something done, and that it HAD to be done NOW,  I don’t give myself a break.

See what I’m saying?

Because when you are aware and your focus is at a more conscious level, you would know that anything can be broken down into smaller steps. You would be able to take a step back and see that whatever it is you are doing, does not have to be done all at once. Your impatience and fear that everything needs to be done now, makes you lose your balance.

Well..that’s what happens to me and that’s my issue with balance.

Now though, I *think* I have improved. A little. But a little can be good!

Now, I try my best to break things down into little steps. Most times I don’t really follow through with it. I still try. Again and again. I got to! It’s like this balancing thing is constantly hanging over my head!

It’s a conscious effort. Each time, I have to remind myself to focus. Each time, I have to remind myself, stop! Each time, I have to remind myself that doing a little each day is what works. Consistency. That’s the key. If I can consistently bring awareness and focus to what I do, and allow myself to not completely neglect everything else, I won’t burn out. I have to consciously remind myself that it is fine, to let something go, and come back to it later. A lot of times I forget to remind myself but hey, work in progress.

I don’t know if I’m one of the few people who have this challenge or if there are more out there who also face the same challenge…I just know that sometimes this trying to be balanced thing…can be a pain in the bums!

Oh and answer to the trivia question, if you haven’t already guessed by now – Libra. Represented by the scale.

*Points to self* Libra.

*Face palms self*

NanoPoblano 2017


13 thoughts on “A balanced Libra – an oxymoron?

  1. I hope now you are seeing you need to balance all things, and giving yourself a break is important.. or you burn yourself out.. Small steps and often is better than trying to run a marathon one after the other..
    Balance is always the key..
    Love and Hugs Anita xx

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    1. Hugs Sue! Yes, I know that. But knowing is one thing and actually being aware and to stop is another..hehe. BUT I am working on it! Right now, I had this thought about writing another blog post about balancing my emotions, another thing I have to work on. So, the battle ensues! BUT, I have made a choice that it can wait till tomorrow…I’ll just note it down, that that is what I will write about. And instead, relax and enjoy reading other people’s blogs! lol.

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  2. I’m a Libra too. I focus more on the justice aspect of the star sign, along with balanced viewpoints in arguments. I find it too easy to get immersed in things and lose time doing stuff. I constantly make lists and then jump around everywhere with them and have to force myself down a linear path. Consistency is definitely the key and I’m sure you will keep building on your firm foundations to make things work out better for you in the future. You are smart, funny and capable, so you’ll figure it all out soon enough πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh a fellow Libran!! ~waves frantically~

      This >> constantly make lists and then jump around everywhere with them and have to force myself down a linear path. << I honestly had this image of you hopping around on a pair of rabbit paws clutching a list in your hand and looking quite frantic! Hahahahahaha…and I don’t know why that happened!

      And thank you! I really hope I figure it out soon too!! πŸ˜€

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  3. I was thinking about you twanging back and to after reading this post, Shree, and then glancing through the comments your pingbacks kind of stood out to me a little… just saying! Hehehe! πŸ˜€
    Finding the balance is important. I think I vary between 65/35 and 60/40 but I think I’m getting there. Easier said than done, though!

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