It’s all about the senses (this post is anyways)

I don’t know why, but reading this “Tomorrow November 7th kicks off our challenge with the uber -talented, sweet, and incredibly creative Shree!”, made me feel like this


It’s called the Sense-sational Blogging Challenge and is hosted by Linda from Litebeing Chronicles. She does have more dates to fill up, so for all you Nano Pobalnos who may want to try it, hop on over there! Sense-sational Blogging Challenge

One of my favourite quotes by – I can’t remember his name, but he’s French, and he’s a philosopher, and he isn’t around anymore – is: “We are spiritual beings on a human experience”.

I love this because it’s cool. My mind loves it because…well, it does give him something to chew on, and I think I love it because in a way it helps me take a step back and observe my life instead of becoming completely tangled in the emotions that it gives rise to.

It follows one of the teachings of Buddhism about detachment.

So, being a spiritual being reincarnated on this beautiful planet called Earth, within the third dimension with other spiritual beings, I am here to experience life and all that it offers. That includes experiencing the sensations brought by our five senses.

There are two parts to this challenge:

  1. Which sense(s) brings me joy and delight.
  2. How does it bring meaning to my life.

Ask a person who lives in her head almost all the timeΒ  the two questions above, no wonder I looked like this:


So, I thought and thought about it. And I settled on sight.

Sight brings me joy and delight, and it rhymes too!


Taste – I don’t know. I don’t really enjoy tastes of much of anything really.

Sound – No, unless they are stories of magical things, the mystical and mythical. And music, I do love music. All sorts of music. It makes me drift off into my head even more as I create day dreams that form stories in my mind.

Smell – Meh. Unless it’s vanilla and geranium. I do love those smells.

Touch – Nope. Please don’t. I’m really not a very touchy-feely person at all. Unless, it’s a romantic relationship, then I do love to cuddle. But, no..not really a touch sensitive/fan.

So, sight it was. I think I know why. It’s because of all the senses, to me, to my mind, to my imagination, sight commands my attention – most times. The rest, I tend to get lost inside my head more, or find something else to focus on.

With sight, I see colours, I love colours – the cotton candy colour of the dawning sky, the bright awe inspiring fiery sunset, the dark velvet sky of night with it’s billions of sparkling diamond stars. I “see” when I read – it’s like a movie unfolding in my mind’s eye, I “see” when I study – which is why biology and physiology came easy to me. I love gazing at the beautiful colours of the Aura Soma bottles…feeling their energies vibrating out gently. I love looking at the beautiful, magical, gorgeous tarot cards so willing to tell you your secrets. I have “seen” patients and guided by intuition treated them. I used to love looking at the clouds and trying to see what they looked like. When I look at food, that entices me to eat, not so much its aroma.

And that folks, is why sight brings me joy and delight!

Lori’s posted on the 11th November. Kindly check her out!
This beautiful badge was made for the challenge by Sue Dreamwalker.

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25 thoughts on “It’s all about the senses (this post is anyways)

    1. No, sometimes not too good for the big picture or even the little details. I’ve tripped and fallen down while walking on a straight you know. LOL. I am not exactly sure how I chose sight..but I was thinking about this post, and what to choose when it just occurred to me…the mandalas, the colours..the sky…so I chose sight!

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  1. Thank you Shree for kicking off the challenge, I loved taking the visual journey with you, with cotton candy, clouds, and your flair for the artistic. Who just said ” I don’t draw that well ” ? I would edit that out if I were you, lol!

    I would suggest you look to my pinned post to see who is next up on the schedule, At this point, the next date is 11/11/

    Thanks again for joining in. It feels so good to have you back in the WP fold.

    love, Linda

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    1. LOL,’re a Scorpio aren’t you? Just had a short conversation with some online friends and I had said that I wouldn’t recognise a Scorpion..but you know what? You remind me of another close friend of mine who IS one too!

      Who just said ” I don’t draw that well ” ? I would edit that out if I were you, lol! < I was wondering..what? Then I answer to DiAnne..hehe..

      Yes, I did see the pinned post, but the list doesn’t have a link..yet?

      And thank you, Linda. It does feel good to be back. I just need to make sure that my feet have been superglued here so I don’t run off anymore..hehe.

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    1. Peter!! Well, I do like chocolate..but honestly it’s the sight of chocolate more than it’s taste that reminds me of how good it feels! Baked bread and, yea. Smell them a mile away and always gets the tummy growling and the salivary glads working..hehe.

      I hope you are well, Peter. I shall be along tomorrow to visit the Wombies and get my face plastered on the “Most comments” section πŸ˜›


  2. I don’t think I know which is my favourite sense, Shree, although thinking about it sight may be up there. It’s certainly the ‘biggest’ sense that allows me to get out there, and depending on where I am – say out on the open moors – I’m really out there. But touch… I like feeling warm and/or cold… it still isn’t as big as sight, however.

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    1. Yes. I think for most of us, sight grabs out attention first. I also feel that maybe in this day and age, with so much of noise in our minds and all around us, with our hurried lifestyle..other senses like touch and smell and hearing…tends to get lost?


  3. I think that my favourite sense is taste, I really do enjoy the flavours of food and what they have to offer. Sight is very important because I am a very visual person too and really enjoy films, TV shows, comics, I would go crazy without it but then I would find ways to compensate by binging on things that stimulate the other senses. I would hate to lose my sense of taste, as I find food very creative when preparing it and very relaxing when eating it. To take away from that experience would be devastating. This post certainly has got the brain cells working overtime thinking about the senses and what they mean to us, so well done πŸ™‚ Also the pictures made me laugh about you being anxious about the challenge and yet you rose to the challenge very well πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehe..thanks for saying that I rose to the challenge. I think you’re the first to mention taste! You must really enjoy food – the proper way. I like food too but I tend to focus on other things instead of what I’m watching a YouTube video or read a book..or something! Not a good habit, so now I try my best to eat at the dining table and focus on what I’m eating…and the cool thing is I notice I don’t eat as much!


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