Today, I cried

and cried. The whole works. Tears and snot.

And I feel so tired.

I thought it was a brilliant idea. An article for a website that focuses on patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals who deal with chronic kidney disease – as a disease that afflicts them, someone they love or their patients.

A personal essay, I said. A journey from a daughter’s point of view. Respecting her mother’s wish of not wanting to be dialysed. They liked it.

It came easy, the first 600 words. A little too easy, maybe. Approaching the last 100 or so words that had me cast the net over what had happened those last 2 weeks, that last 1 week and that last day…

So, I cried. And I cried.

The whole works. Tears and snot.

And, I really do feel so tired.

NanoPoblano 2017

13 thoughts on “Today, I cried

  1. Awwww even though I am reading this days after the event, I still want to hug you for it. I think this entire month can already be an emotional drain on its own, especially when you are looking at topics like this. At least by crying we can purge and rinse out our emotions then start the whole process again from scratch. I’m still amazed at how quickly this month has flown by!

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    1. Yes, the month did fly by terrifically fast! It was a good cry like I said. I don’t cry very often, not for feeling my own sadness…I’d sooner cry at a sad scene in an animated movie than myself..hehe.

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