I get it, but I don’t

I get that abundance is available for all. We “just” need to get past these feelings of unworthiness, lack and just generally feeling that we are victims to our circumstances.

I get that this reality we call reality, isn’t really real.

I get that this life we live is a mixture of what we as individual souls want to experience in this life time (predestined) and the choices that we make leading to its consequences (free will).

I get all that and a lot of other things too…


Getting them is one thing.

Applying them in life, I feel is a whole other ball game.

I attended this meeting for a group of specialists organized by this company. So, the idea was to expand the knowledge of a particularly “rare” life threatening disease among children. Of course, after having worked in the industry, there is always the main objective of increasing sales. I mean, it’s a business with employees and stock holders. A business is meant to make money, and that really is fine.

Like any “rare” disease, the treatment available was expensive. I knew that. I get that – to an extent. I get the money pumped into the research, I get that only a very tiny proportion of treatment researched at pre-clinical trials even make it to large patient based trials. I get that any business, any one in fact, would want to recover the amount of time and energy spent on bringing new treatments to patients.

You know what I don’t get though? What I don’t get is that when treatments can cost MYR1,000,000 (that’s 1 million Malaysian dollars, about USD250,000) for one child, for one year! What I don’t get is that companies push for doctors to use such expensive treatments for their patients with no reprieve of lowering costs. What I don’t get is how are parents of a child in need going to come up with MYR1,000,000 every year so that their child can have a “normal” life.

What I don’t get is how does a person or a group of people go through life knowing that in their hands they offer a chance, a possibility for prolonging a child’s life or improving their quality of life, BUT, they do not back down from the price of that chance.

Can you imagine having to make the decision of either, sending your child off to college to get an education or getting treatment for your cancer? Yea…a mother’s love and choices. For this mother, it was either securing her child’s future with a good education or using the money to treat her cancer. I can’t even fathom what that child is going through.

And I don’t get it.

I think, that’s why I left the industry. I couldn’t get that.

And you know what? I don’t think I ever want to “get it”.

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13 thoughts on “I get it, but I don’t

  1. That’s the thing with people, Shree. Some of them, who work for the companies you mention, probably don’t ‘get it’ either, but because they work for the company they go along with what the company says… or what the company says its shareholders say. Humanity goes out of the window if there’s money to be made. Over the years, I’ve noticed little ‘company quirks’ or mannerisms that embody themselves in the employee – it’s quite funny to spot them, actually. In my previous job, it was a type of smile – like the smile you see when a boss cracks a terrible joke – in my current job it’s speaking in a sort of whisper. In an earlier job, it was carrying a clipboard in a certain way. Just little things that highlight the company mindset.
    (Sorry for waffling on here! Hehehe!)

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    1. Don’t be sorry for waffling! I love reading these waffles! hehe. And I get what you mean about certain characteristics that people tend to have depending on their place of work..which does make sense in a way because we spend more of our lives in the office!

      A long time ago I used to always say “I feel….”, then I entered the employment of the multinational companies – and I started using “I think…”. Till today, I’m a little hesitant to use “I feel..” because “I feel” wasn’t as accepted as “I think” in the corporate world.


  2. Yes, I wonder that sometimes. Why treatment of diseases should cost one so much that saving some dear one’s life becomes a titanic task in respect of money. 😦 The concerned companies are getting richer on the cost of someone’s ailment….this thought makes me cringe… but, those greedy people will never ever ‘get it’….

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  3. I always thought the point of amassing wealth was to then find ways to improve the lives of others. I would not be happy having millions/billions unless I was doing some positive philanthropy with it. I find it disgusting that such difficult choices have to be made with children in the firing line, with people having to either pay through the nose or watch their loved ones suffer and perhaps eventually die. I get that there are businesses out there and that employees have to get paid but I still think that companies could do more when it comes to vulnerable people who don’t have any choice with their own health and what life has given them to deal with. Maybe we don’t have to get it but one day I hope I get “it” and get rich because I know where my money will be going – to make it my mission to make lives better for those who can’t do so easily for themselves.

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    1. Yes..so you sort of get it but don’t get it either. I feel most of us feel the same. I think that was one reason why I left the pharmaceutical industry and at a certain level am glad that I’m not writing for these sorts of clients either…however having said that, I still am, off and on..oh the drama some of us put ourselves through for the sake of our 30 pieces of silver?

      😮 I think I just associated myself to being “a Judas”….~leaves it hanging there and refuses to think more about it~

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