Meet the chair…

It’s Day 11 of Nano Pobalano 2017. I’m sleepy and tired. Just wanted to relax.

However, I did get myself a nice chair. I spend almost the whole day in front of the computer, either working or doing something. Or, I’m at my desk drawing. A nice chair would be nice.

The chair I have now is strong and served me well. But, it’s time for a change.

I’m wondering if I should name it…

Anyhoos, meet…the chair.

Taken at the furniture shop and should be arriving on Monday 🙂

NanoPoblano 2017

14 thoughts on “Meet the chair…

  1. It definitely needs a name. I looked at it and for some reason thought of Number Johnny 5 from the film Short Circuit because of the shape. Not sure that Johnny sounds good enough though for a chair though. If it was red then I would have called it Cherry. If you want a mighty name then there could be none more mighty than David (David vs Goliath) 😉 If I called my chair David then people would think I was screwy and was talking to myself.

    If I went with a superhero powerful type name I would go with Thunderbolt or Lionheart because a good comfy chair means I will be happier to stay in it longer and write for longer, which fuels my writing/creativity 🙂 I assume you have chosen a name by now, since my comment is so late 😉

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    1. You know David, I have read this comment. I just didn’t manage to reply. I did not get what you meant about people thinking you were talking about yourself, until I re-read the comment again, just before typing this. Ahahahhahaa…true, you would seem to be talking to yourself.

      The chair still hasn’t been named yet..I’m thinking just calling it my chair..but in a loving way is how it shall


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