Down memory lane…

There was this shoe box living in my sister’s room. She found it today while cleaning up her room. Inside this show box she found…

a whole bunch of some really old stuff. My stuff. Cards, letter, little mementos and cut out pictures. Cards that I had received from my friends at university and..from school. I’m talking way back.

Thought I’d share two of them with you 🙂

The first is a  clipping from a Malay newspaper. The date: 2nd of October 1978. I was seven! It was a little write up of the annual concert held by the students at my school!

Seven year old me
The title says: 1978 Assunta School Children’s Concert

I can’t believe I actually have this still. I think my mum must have cut it out and saved it. Yay mum!

The second one holds a special place in my heart. My sister and I studied “Effective Speaking” under the guidance of one, Susan Putra. I was 12 when I started, my sister was 9. We were among her first students. Susan was the only teacher at the time who insisted we called her by her name, instead of Ms Putra or the dreaded “teacher”. She had just returned to Malaysia from the UK and having established an affiliation with  Trinity College in London, started the classes here. We loved going to class because we had so much fun!

In September 1988, Susan was unwell (she had the mumps!) and so she got some of her “senior students” help conduct a few of her classes for the younger kids. I was one of those senior students. She had the lessons all prepared, so it was just a matter of going in and taking charge of the class. I remember it – not very clearly, but enough. A whole bunch of 6-8 year olds. I remember having fun teaching the kids. And I think, they enjoyed it too. Well…at least no one cried or screamed, and they were so well behaved. I can’t remember how many days or classes I taught though.

Susan gave me this thank you card and a set of accessories, a necklace and a pair of earrings. I still have the earrings with me!

Susans card

I think the reason why I appreciate this card is because I’ve “always” wanted to be a teacher. I can’t remember exactly when it started, but I do love the idea of being a teacher and creating lessons plans and all that.

FullSizeRender 2

I even have pictures of celebrity crushes that I had cut out from magazines in that box: Greg Evigan (circa 1989) and Andy Gibb (circa 1984).

And this from a person who regularly declutters her possessions!

Do you keep old mementos? What’s the oldest that you have?

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18 thoughts on “Down memory lane…

    1. ooh, btw would you like an Andy Gibb scanned picture circa 1984? I sorta “chopped” him at his neck though..hehe..his head and smile is intact!? Let me know and I’ll scan him and send it to you for your post!


    1. At the very least, I do this yearly. And I’m an ace at throwing stuff that I don’t use (donating stuff if in good condition). But, that little show box has survived lots and lots of decluttering! hehe.


  1. Hi Shree,

    I totally eat up this kind of stuff! I loved this because I am very sentimental. The earrings are also beautiful BTW!

    I was looking for some training materials tonight for work and found some old folders with papers going back to the 80s. I also found a picture of my deceased uncle, grandfather, and great-grandparents that I never met. I often misplace things for years and they resurface when I am searching for something else ( or the elves move them!)

    Why don’t you start teaching some mandala classes ( or whatever you like)? I bet you are an awesome teacher.


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    1. Aww..I love looking at old stuff…especially if there are stories behind them! I’m thinking it was the elves..they can help in making sure things are kept very safe! hehe.

      As for the mandala classes, yes, it’s been on my mind some..and do have an idea on how to conduct them. Just need to get it going..aaargh…

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  2. I have a shoebox, too! I think the oldest memento for me is a spoon that my great-grandmother gave me on my first birthday, with a handwritten note to go with it. I’m pretty old, so that spoon must be an antique!

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  3. The oldest thing I’ve got is not what you would call memento. It’s a tripod frying pan that my father’s grandmother used oven the open fire in her kitchen. I still use it when cooking outdoors. I actually remember meeting my father’s grandmother. That was back in 1951 when I was four. I remember sitting on her lap and I still feel the smell of that room with blue plums in a bowl on her table and her wrinkly hands, a little scar on her forehead. She was born in 1855.

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  4. Those are some really lovely earrings, I’m glad you kept them too 🙂 I don’t go out of my way to keep mementos, I just tend to find stuff from when I was younger. Some of it I keep (I think I once made a Choose Your Own Adventure ‘novel’ when I was much younger) but the rest I have got rid of. If the mementos have special meaning to you then I think they should be kept and treasured forever, just like those teaching memory excerpts, the postcard from Susan and the earrings 🙂

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