Have you ever…

Have you ever felt your normally over active brain just shut down?

Have you ever tried looking for ideas when it does?

Have you ever had that feeling coupled with sleepiness that keeps you yawning and yawning?

As if there was a sudden huge supply of yawns just waiting to be released?


Have you ever been in a situation,

When you feel yourself squeezing your brain?

For even the smallest, tiniest drop of inspired idea,

To write about?


Have you ever imagined squeezing you brain?

What does it look like to you?

I see a towel being twisted, as hard as one possibly could,

Wringing it out until the last drop has been dispensed.


Have you ever just sat and stared,

At the screen in front of you,

With idea like smokey wisps

Floating frustratingly out of reach?




Have you ever tried to reach out to them,

Grasping at these shy ideas,

Before the float away,

Only to have them break off at your touch?


And, if you have ever wondered,

What a brain that has shut off coupled with extreme sleepiness

Could create,

Why, you’re welcome, because this is as good as it gets!

NanoPoblano 2017



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