When you’re feeling a little meh…

I’m feeling a little meh…

I’m not exactly sure why, I just am.

I’m actually very grateful to Mr. Sun for staying out as long as he could. The newly washed clothes had their chance to feel his powerful touch and are now safe inside. All dry and toasty warm.

I’m grateful to Raincloud family for just starting to gather above. I’m thinking they are going to have a HUGE party!

It’s the monsoons here and it does get a little depressing.

I’m grateful that I got a project all done up and that I have tomorrow morning to get another done, before I head off to the clinic (for work).

I’m still feeling a little meh..and I don’t know why.

My nose is still a leaking faucet, but I’m taking it as a mega clearing…hehe.

The weather here is so weird. Even if it is getting gloomy and waiting for the rain, it’s still really warm and humid.

I’m really glad that my ceiling fan is nice and clean, not laden with the dust that slowed it down. Like an old, old man shuffling along at snails pace.

I’m still feeling a little meh…and I don’t know why.

Though I’m feeling a little meh, and I don’t know why…I think the words of the image below may help me feel a little less meh…

Click image for source.

NanoPoblano 2017

7 thoughts on “When you’re feeling a little meh…

    1. Yes … it’s how we see the world or ourselves or the day… painted with our feelings, emotions, thoughts and all… maybe feeling meh is part of normality .. I feel it is 😊


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