My relationship with Facebook

I can love Facebook, I can also “hate” it. If you had asked me about this love-hate relationship with Facebook, I’d have told you that the reason of its existence was the nauseating amount of angry, incredibly efficient stress and gastritis inducing posts I’d see on my news feed. But, that has changed…

The auto-suggested results…hehe

If you asked me now, I’d say my relationship status with Facebook has morphed into something more …placid. I don’t LOVE it, but I don’t “HATE” it either. I would love to say that the reason for this is my awesome and wonderful growth as a person. Learning to let angry posts tickle me instead of getting angry at the angry posts. Learning to shake my head in amazement at some of the more stress inducing, eye rolling, gastritis making posts, instead of feeling my whole body tense and the acid slowly making its way up.

However, I have to unfortunately be totally honest and say, “I wish that were true!”.

Instead, this is how I started dealing with such posts – remove ANYTHING from whatever other page said post was shared from by using the “Hide all” option. I’ve also used the more drastic  un-follow of said person’s notifications – and like magic….it’s gone.

It’s marvelous!

There is one other thing I sometimes do. I glance at a post knowing it’s something not cool, and I quickly scroll really fast by it. This one’s an iffy option. If I’m a little too slow, I get stuck. Then I’m ugh-ing and eye rolling and all that wonderful stuff.

I’ve wondered though…if doing these things and going so far as to not listen or read the news is a form of running away. Instead of facing the things that make me angry and stressed, I should just be with it, acknowledge my anger and stress is born of some form of fear, and deal with it.

However, I don’t dwell on that thought too long. Me being me, I’d just thoroughly overthink it, confuse myself and nothing…absolutely nothing will come out of it.

You know, one day…one day I’m going to talk about my Relationship status ON Facebook… it could be one of those terribly sweet, diabetic inducing, romantic stories…you’re welcome 😉

~Waits patiently for my soul mate for life to fall gracefully onto my lap as I sit in my room all day, every day, not doing actual shit to find him~

If you are on Facebook, how do you deal with posts that unsettle you?

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18 thoughts on “My relationship with Facebook

  1. Several years ago I posted a status message on FB that I was seeking “lifetime travel partner” and I ended up getting one. I’ve also deleted Facebook several times and probably wouldn’t hesitate too much to do it again, at least for a time. Time off is always good for me, and it makes for sweet reunions.

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  2. So pleased I never joined that particular community, 🙂 though I know it has got many good sides too.. But isn’t that the dualistic realm in which we live.. Oposite poles?

    How do I deal with posts that unsettle me..

    There are a few, even on WP.. Ones that highlight the sufering of animals, and then there are those posts which can bring home the absolute horror we humans can do to another.
    Its important to see, feel the world for what it is, And not be coccooned in a make believe world where all is sweetness and honey.
    Yet one does not have to dwell in the negative or contribute to it. The choice is always at the end of the day ours.
    Which is often why I take breaks from the techno world and news, there is often too much of this name calling, back stabbing love hate senarios in the world..

    Wishing you a wonderful Peaceful week Anita.. And good to have you be the first in my reader that pops up this afternoon 🙂

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    1. Thanks for this fabulous comment Sue! And I totally agree, specially with this one: ‘Its important to see, feel the world for what it is, And not be coccooned in a make believe world where all is sweetness and honey.’

      I don’t mind the horrors, what I don’t appreciate is the fear mongering that goes with it, or the anger. I have anger issues enough to last me my life time 😛

      And yes, not lingering with the negative thoughts is important too!

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  3. I didn’t know you were on FB.

    I have done what you’ve done. Some people have such radical opinions on things–Trump has really brought that to the forefront–that I just can’t relate to them. I’ve only unfollowed or hidden a few. I don’t have to agree with everything someone says, and I like to hear differing opinions, but some people seem to post nothing but propaganda.And others constantly post things that are upsetting or gross or inappropriate. Bye-bye to them, too.

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    1. Yes, I am on FB! I go by the same name as on here. And yea..the Trump thing..both sides just reveling in fear. I’ve gotten to the point where I just wanna roll my eyes and say..just get on with it peoples. Just get on with it!


    1. Wow..really??? That isn’t good. I have noticed a few friends who post blog-like posts on FB. But, you know what? I love visiting my friends’ blogs and I love the idea of having a space without “interruptions” to just write.


        1. Yes, I do too..personalised blogs. I have some thoughts about the new form of blogs that have become very popular, but I’ll need to formulate my thoughts and structure it in such a way that it doesn’t sound all over the place.


  4. I love this piece, it’s terrific. Please keep your anger and eye rolling, they seem to inspire you and bring out depts of feeling and emotion that you might otherwise not access. They seem to expose some of your hidden richness and beauty and romanticness. They are potential for great artistic outcomes, unless you do not want to go down that road. You are a naturally good person with much inner beauty and compassion; and these far outweigh any undesirable inner traits you might wish did not exist.

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    1. Ha! I am trying my best to not to keep ALL that anger and eye-rolling. Though they may inspire me, it does make me feel drained too and that’s really worth it! Thank you for the kind comment, Edward 🙂

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  5. I feel your pain with Facebook. It does make me incredibly sad when I see things that are awful on there and I have to really look hard at whether it is just people’s opinions or if it is necessary to block them, which I only do in circumstances that warrant doing so (like if they are attacking me or my friends or have disgusting beliefs/ideals). This is why I like to share so many cute and happy animal pics because I believe that people should be able to have a pleasant place to enjoy themselves away from the horrors of the day to day world. I’m not saying that people should ignore issues in their lives (far from it) but when it is all collectively pooled together at once on Social Media, it can end up being a toxic concoction, which is difficult to cope with in extremely large doses. Thankfully, I have a huge number of wonderful people that provide plenty of inspiration and kindness in their feeds in huge quantities, which keeps me interested in using Social Media, even with the potential bad stuff flying about and rarely have to use the Hide All posts button. It is nice to have it there though, just in case people are sharing things on a certain topic that I still want to stay friends with but I have no interest in seeing in my feed, like Romantic authors sharing pictures of semi-naked men for example 😉 (Yes, I know I don’t have washboard abs but there is no need to keep rubbing it in)

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    1. Hahahahahaahah at the reference to semi-naked men and washboard abs. However, yes. I know that social media has a place to help educate us on what is going on, at the same time, we really cannot afford to believe everything we read on the internet, including the social media.

      I want to thank you again, for always leaving such awesome and cool comments on my blog posts 🙂


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