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With another 8 days to go, it’s the 22nd day of Nano Poblano 2017. I’m quite proud of how I’ve handled this year’s (my third year) of daily posting for the month of November. However, that doesn’t mean my idea well is overflowing with ideas! More of that in my last blog post for this month.

So, what’s this about Manson?

Well, if you haven’t heard the news, Charles Manson has left this earthly plane. He was 83 years old when he passed.

While driving to get food for lunch about 2 days ago, my sis and I heard on a local radio station that Marilyn Manson had received hundreds of messages through the citizens of Twitter-verse devastated by his passing.

I’m thinking fans of Marilyn Manson either do not read names well or just scanned the news, saw “Manson” and assumed the worst.

The day after that, yesterday, I did what I usually do when doing an unplanned visit to a bookstore. This consists of debating with self as to why I should not be entering a bookstore, specially when being in this weirdly un-thinking mode. The voice of reason and therefore the voice of “don’t do it” lost.

I strolled in and the first thing  my eyes lay their sight on…

Another Manson! This time it’s a Mark.

That’s 3 Manson’s in the span of about three days.

I am also going to take the opportunity to let you know that I did not buy the book because of the Manson mention.

I may be impulsive at times, I  can be silly and a little free when it comes to spending money on books, stationery and art supplies, but not this time! This time I had good reason spending RM79.90 ( the prices of books in Malaysia are so horribly expensive that my heart silently cries and cringes each time I leave a bookstore…new books in tow).

With chapters titled ‘Don’t try’, ‘Happiness is a problem’, ‘You are not special’, ‘The value of suffering’ and more, this book is what it says on its cover. I’ve just read the first few pages (5 pages) and either I’m very late to a new sort of thought paradigm party or this particular Manson is calling out most of the ‘new age gurus/practitioners/authors’. I’m not sure, remember I’m just 5 pages in!

In the first chapter, ‘Don’t try’, he uses the example of Charles Bukowski. A loser. A loser who acknowledged he was a loser (and a drunk) and didn’t pretend he was anything else. A drunk loser who also became a successful writer. In fact, it states that he was a prolific poet, short story writer and novelist. In fact, fact Charles Bukowski has appeared in one of those Who’s Who volumes in the US.

The title of ‘Don’t try’ comes from the inscription in his grave stone.

Also, Manson sort of litters the book with a lot of ‘f*cks’ – the word people, the word.

Just five pages in and I feel like I’ll be enjoying this book. I also feel like a lot of things he writes about is going to sound completely sensible. It will be things we already know, just that we either don’t remember them, haven’t really thought about them or some thing of the sort.

If you really get down to the basics of any ‘self-help’ book, a lot of the things talked about or discussed are ‘common knowledge’.

As a side note, I rarely ever go into a bookstore and come out with just one book. It’s either no books at all or make my wallet/credit card/bank account cry. Yesterday was no different.

FullSizeRender 2
I’ve been binge watching Agatha Christie’s Marple and Poirot again. Re-watching movies I have already watched too. So, I had to you understand….had…to…

NanoPoblano 2017

21 thoughts on “About Manson

  1. Well they do say most things come in 3’s…

    Do you recommend getting it? I’ve seen it pop up on my Amazon a few times and have been hesitant (not sure why though) on whether or not I should get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Dean! I haven’t read past the first 5 pages. I will definitely let you know sometime this coming week if it’s worth it. He is a blogger as well, so maybe you can take a look at his style of writing, first?


    1. Lol – that must have been one really long line at the grocery store if you managed to read the whole book! (I know you didn’t but it would be funny to think that you had to wait that long to be served. The only time I waited that long once was to buy Christmas dinner for about three hours – never again!)


      1. Three hours??? For Christmas dinner!! :O That is a really long time! I remember one Christmas, we had planned to buy new decorations and a new tree. We sort of held the line up..not for three hours though..haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, it was so terrible! We pre-ordered Christmas dinner and went to pick it up early in the morning on Christmas Eve. We were allowed to collect it but we had to queue for a few hours to pay for it, it was a nightmare! Now we order food in a couple of weeks in advance, freeze it and then cook the rest that we get closer to the day. Our Christmas focus has become all about the quality of the food we prepare now, along with watching several movies while drinking afterwards, which is my perfect idea of how Christmas should be as an adult, I nice day of eating, relaxing and unwinding 🙂


  2. I’m really keen to give this Mark Manson book a read too but the price is making me cringe, even though I’m sure the advice dispensed in it is sound. I will probably hold on and wait to see if I can get it much cheaper or try and get it from my library (just tried the library and there are several reservations of the book already in place – curses!) The Kindle version is almost the same price as a physical copy, which annoys me greatly because it could be half that price and still earn the writer the same royalty plus the publisher doesn’t have the cost of printing or distribution, I think the publisher HarperCollins is just trying to maximise profits! For shame! I’d also rather have a physical copy of a book than a Kindle version if they are roughly the same price. Maybe I will get lucky and find a copy in a charity shop/thrift store in the meantime.

    I really like the covers of those Agatha Christie novels. All of that detective stuff has wonderful replay value, even if you do know the twists and turns. Most of the time, I tend to forget what happened if I leave it a while, so I can read them again and enjoy them anyway 🙂


    1. Hi David! I do hope you get to read the Mark Manson’s book, only because you want to! I’m surprised that the Kindle version is about the same price as the hard copy version, and you’re right – it’s like trying to maximise profits, but in an unethical way. The advice, honestly are things we already know, you know? But, sometimes what we do know, we tend not to remember 😛

      I LOVE my Agatha Christie books so much that I do actually re-read them again…and again. It may be about a year apart sometimes more and even sometimes less, but I just enjoy reading about the “simple English village life” or life in general during that era 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I will read it eventually, I’m just hoping I will stumble across it in a charity shop for a cheaper price. Ten pounds for a Kindle book is robbery to me, particularly as I only charge one pound for my own books in digital format. I think they are actively trying to encourage people to buy the paper version over the digital version, which is really stupid because the profit on digital is huge. They could knock it down to half that price and make so much money. I buy digital because I love paperback books but I want to save money and help the environment and they do neither of those things when they gouge their customers for all they are worth. I’m sure I will get to read or listen to an audio version of the book soon.

        I’m so glad that you get such re-readability from your Agatha Christie books. They certainly are an excellent investment if you can appreciate their stories multiple times 🙂


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