Something may not be right…

Firstly, let me just apologise for any confusion.

I am posting this a day “late”. But, I’m taking full advantage of the fact that it is still the 25th of November some where in the world…and I didn’t have anything to write about when it was still the 25th of November where I am.

Gotta love time zones… hehe.

Ok, here goes, the post that is.

I’ve been reading the book I bought by Mark Manson and this tiny little feeling started showing itself. I’m at page 42, and this little feeling that started somewhere around page 5 has been steadily growing.

Growing till it formed a thought. A tiny thought. With not much shape. Just flitting around like a wisp of smoke.

This morning it finally decided to form a shape. A shape of words that formed a question.

Here’s the thought.

If we scan through almost ( I say almost because I don’t want to generalise and get myself into trouble) all the self-help books, the “new age” thoughts, the way that it is approached, what it is written, the thoughts behind those written words…

If I were to go up to a beggar in the streets of an “undeveloped” country – an economically poor country, a war torn country, a country where for someone who finds food for his family for just one meal considers it an amazing thing… and I started quoting him affirmations of positivity… I don’t know. I have a feeling he may just punch me in the face!

Here’s another thing.

Have you ever noticed that MOST books that talk of abundance and wanting a better life and purpose in life, are written by those from the first world countries?

I just did.

We as a race, the human race…there is something so wrong with this or maybe so right.

We get spoiled. We forget how it really is to “not have anything”. We don’t know what it feels to have our home blown up and see our children torn to pieces.. literally. We don’t know how it really feels to live in the slums of Mumbai.

We think we do… because we can empathise.. but the truth is we can’t know till we have lived it.

And instead of helping these people come into their own abundance… into their own beautiful life … it seems like those who do have all of these, are the ones that seem to require it the most?

It’s a topsy-turvy world we live in.

So, I want to know… am I on to something or is this just a fanciful thing I’ve made up…

I actually have a lot more things in my mind about this. It just keeps coming.. in pieces… in ” yes and don’t forget this” or “but what about that” and it goes on.

I’m not going to dump all that here. Not now. It needs to simmer a little more, forgotten, remembered and re-thought of.

Please excuse any MAJOR typos. This was tapped out on my phone.

9 thoughts on “Something may not be right…

  1. I have noticed that the people who have the most are often the most dissatisfied and always want more. People who have very little usually appreciate what they have far more. In many ways, I think wealth creates greed.

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    1. Wealth does create greed. But I feel that the greed is not because they need more, it’s because they are filling a void for something else…if that makes sense?

      The thoughts I wrote down here aren’t very well thought out..I need to chew on it a bit more and try to structure it in a way that doesn’t end up feeling like a pretzel hehe..

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  2. You’re definitely on to something. There’s so much about wellness and new age spirituality and positivity, and that’s not really what people need. The poor person in the slums of Mumbai (and in so many other places where poverty reigns) needs a secure home, clean water, food each day and a few other basic things before philosophy can take a place of prominence in her or his world. And speaking about the western world then, there’s been (and there still is) a colonial system at work that makes riches flow away from the areas of poverty (both in “undeveloped” and “developed” countries) and into areas that are rich already.
    Now, the wellness that is needed for west-world people (like myself) will not come out of romantic delving in positivity alone. Instead, I’m thinking of the romantic poet John Keats who spoke of “negative capability” as a source of creative thinking. I.e., a capability of setting ingrained ways of thinking aside. Suspending for a while the traditional values I’ve got – those that make me think like everybody else around me. That’s romantic enough for me if it enables me to see more clearly what’s going on outside the limits of my own everyday world.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! And what you wrote is similar to the book I’m reading now by Mark Mason..the title of the book is awesome “The subtle art of not giving a f*uck”..hehe. He talks about the backwards law..and also how we can use “negativity” positively…

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