According to Hallie Iglehart Austen, describe the Goddess as she is seen in various traditions and her work.

According to Hallie Iglehart Austen there are three categories around which the goddess gathers:

  1. Creation which includes birth, nuturance and the abundance of the natural world
  2. Transformation as in physical death and rebirth as well as the metaphorical deaths and rebirths of trance and descent to the underworld
  3. Celebration, which includes sexuality, sensuality and creativity.

She goes on to describe the work of the Goddess based on the three categories mentioned above: “The Goddess is she who gives life and, when the form is no longer viable, transforms it through death. And then, through the exquisite pleasures of creativity and sexuality, she brings forth new life”

Among most of the cultures that she came across the Goddess is worshiped as the Sun goddess (where in most primal cultures, the sun is female):

  1. The Cherokee people of North America call her Igaehindvo
  2. The Celts call Brigit the Fire Goddess
  3. The Autralian Arunta honors the Sun Woman
  4. The Toba people in Argentina worship her as Akewa
  5. The Inuit people in the Artic worship her as the Sun Sister
  6. The Arab people call her Allat
  7. The Japanese have an ancient deity called Amaterasu Omikami, the Great Goddess Spirit Shining in heaven, Creatrix Goddess of the Sun
  8. The Maori people of New Zealand call her Mahuika and believe that she discovered the art of making fire.
  9. The Egyptian goddess Nut is an African Goddess of the Cosmos is thought to give birth to the Sun each morning.

“Myths around the world describe the goddess as the keeper of the flame for woman is the custodian of the hearth and spiritual power”

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