Question: Explain the concept of choice as it fits into Cayce’s concept of free will

One of Edgar Cayce’s readings states that “ Having given free will, then – though being omnipotent and omnipresent – it is only when the soul that is a portion of God chooses that God knows the end thereof” (5749-14)

Puryear explains that the concept of free will is mostly misunderstood. We think that because God is all knowing He therefore should know everything that can and will happen, that life is predestined anyway and therefore free will is not really free at all. However, the above reading and the true concept of free will show us that our perception is faulty. It brings us the truth about free will, that we as true children of God, a part of Him, and part of the Divine having been given the gift of choice through free will. A gift that the Divine will not trespass, and so powerful and uniquely ours as souls that it allows us to determine how we meet our lifetimes – Lifetimes that are not wholly predetermined by the environment, our situation, our previous choices and Karmic ties.

The concept of free will according to the Puryear’s interpretation of Cayce’s readings is that it is as “free” as we allow it to be. Meaning that if we allow or choose to restrict ourselves by our choices and thought forms, then what manifests from those choices will make us less free. Whatever choice we make, it is our responsibility, and we will meet with its outcome. Whether the path we choose is rocky and full of hardships; or one that is smoother and freer flowing. Choices that bring us more in tune with God / Divine or further away from the truth of ourselves, which is to be at one with God. These choices touch all aspects of our lives. “Like begets like”, is one of the Universal laws and as souls with free will we are subjected to it. It’s a law that is very fair and our freedom of choice will reflect that continuously.

There are some who think that there is no right or wrong choices in life, because all that happens to us is to teach us lessons that we need to learn and therefore hardships, grief and hurts are necessary. That all is as it should be. Well, that may be true but the fact is that there are choices that we make which take us further away from grace and puts us back onto the path of karma, when we move further away from God. There is also the option that we can learn our lessons in a way that doesn’t need to take us through so much of hardships. Also, according to Puryear there are right and wrong choices based not on societies standards, but by ours. Though we may not always be aware of it, our souls hold a part that is in tune with God, as we carry the pattern of the Divine within. It is these standards that we continuously compare our actions to; and it is always the purpose or intent of our actions that carries the motivation. Is it based on an ideal that is closer with the Divine pattern and law of love or is it that which is based on fear and the negative imprints in our subconscious.

What about “God’s will”? How does that play into free will and choice? If we have free will, then why is there “God’s will”? Where then does the question of choice fit in?

Well, “God’s will” as explained by Puryear is not something bad. It’s not as most think, to be restricted and pushed into a small cubicle, to be prevented to lead life. When we think of “God’s will” we should instead think of God wanting us to realize the true, magnificent potential within all of us as His children and co-creators. It implies being at one, or in the flow of the Universal laws that bring the best possible outcomes for us and which allows us the potential for creativity that we have within us. Again, the truth is we again do have a choice. We do have the freedom to choose. We choose to either become closer to God or we can choose to turn back and cut ourselves from the oneness of the Whole. As Puryear states, “Rather they are for the purpose of experiencing the infinite richness, the varieties of life and love instead of the poverty of death and disharmony”.

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