Explain the physiology of meditation

The physiology of meditation comes into play because we are creatures of this plane. Our bodies are the vehicle in which our soul resides and therefore would need to work within it’s functioning. In fact, Edgar Cayce’s readings inform us that the human body as we are today was created so as to help us to reconnect or attune to the Divine…if we choose to.

The objective of meditation is to attune to the Divine. To do so we would then need to allow for the life force or the Divine to flow through us, so that we may attune to it not only at the spiritual level but also at the physical and mental levels. This will allow for our spiritual purposes to be manifested or expressed.

According to Puryear, there are patterns within us that will try to block this process. This can be the food we eat, our thoughts and emotions, desires, ambitions, our fears or anything else that resist the lifting up of our vibrations to that of the Divine life force. The Edgar Cayce readings suggests correlates within our bodies to the three levels which are:

i.         The endocrine system which relates to the spiritual level (body) or the soul

ii.         The autonomic or sympathetic nervous system which relates to the mental level

iii.         The cerebrospinal or sensory motor system, which relates to the physical level.

Among the three, the point of contact of the One Spirit, according to the Cayce readings, is the endocrine system.

The physiology then refers to the direction of the flow of energy from God into the earth through us. But to allow for an unimpeded flow of this energy we need to still the body and the mind, meaning we need to still or quiet the muscles, the emotions and the thoughts. Once we are able to do this, then we can drift deeper into ourselves and awaken the spiritual centres in the endocrine system, where at the spiritual level resides our ideals and true purpose and allow the flow of life energy to occur. We are also told that the direction of this flow must be from the spiritual centres through the mental and into the physical, which is from the Infinite to the finite.

As we meditate our energies are raised from the sexual glands (the root chakra) that make up the motor system of the body. It then flows through and attunes the other centres until it reaches the highest centre (the crown), which is in the pituitary and then overflows to the rest of the body. This energy as it comes from the Divine life force is spiritually “enriched”.

We are cautioned that it may be possible that certain centres may be energized while some less, leading to an imbalance that may be destructive in nature which is why the motivation for this process has to be set in alignment with a spiritual ideal that is in line with “God’s will”. When they are aligned to a spiritual ideal then the mind’s imaginative forces will direct the energies in their flow throughout the system in a balanced manner. So motives that are self-orientated express themselves as imbalanced and destructive forces, while those set on spiritual ideals such as love or selflessness will make it a life enhancing experience.

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