Explain Cayce’s ideas on the dimensions of consciousness and reality?

Cayce’s ideas on the dimensions of consciousness and reality are aspects that are important when we want to understand the nature of good and evil.

We on this earthly plane are conditioned three dimensional beings and at most we have a 4 tier view of our reality which is heaven, earth, hell and purgatory slotted in some where in between. However, the Edgar Cayce’s readings confirm what the Bible implies, which is that there are many dimensions in existence. These dimensions are dimensions within consciousness. It isn’t bound by the physical laws that we are used to.

If we go back to the story of our souls based on the Cayce’s readings, we know that God created us as his companions and co-creators. Some of the souls by their free will decided to move away from the Oneness and have found ourselves entrapped in this cycle of reliving our lives, going through experiences which ultimately will allow us to remember who we truly are and to choose to return to the Ones from where we came. So, it has then been suggested by the readings to consider the times in between each earthly reincarnation. The times spent in different levels of consciousness by our souls to learn through experiences in these different dimensions.

The reality is that there are different dimensions of consciousness and it exists in a hierarchical structure. This comes along with the idea of angels, spirit guides and other light beings that within their own capacities in whichever levels of consciousness they are in may help us in our journey back to God. However, the whole idea for us as souls is to concentrate our efforts to remembering whom we are, where we come from and how to get back to the Oneness we left behind. Beings from higher dimensions or those who are aligned with the Oneness may be sent to us from God if there is a need, but that is not our main purpose.

Now, just as there are “higher dimensions” – those that are in alignment with God, so too there must be “lower dimensions”, those that are not in alignment with God, those that would choose to stray away from the Whole we are a part of. It is the rebellion against the Oneness, the Whole – God. It is the rebellion against goodness. This according to the Cayce’s readings is the source of evil. The reality is that just as there are beings of light or those from the Higher dimensions that can help us to attune with God, there must be then entities from the realms of the lower consciousness that would try to move us away from God. The Cayce readings state that regardless of this, they hold no power against us, unless we invite it.

We invite it by creating imbalances within ourselves, in our spirit, mind and body. We do so by choosing to rebel against goodness and running after our desires and self-aggrandizing motivations. We open ourselves to these lower dimensions by our choice when we are attuned to these dimensions.

And how does this happen? By our motivations. We open ourselves either to the higher or lower vibrations based on the intentions and purposes of our attitude and actions, whether it is based on a desire for goodness, seeking an attunement with the Infinite / God or to be selfless; or it is based on selfishness, hurtful intentions.

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