Is time on speed?

clock-web      In about 3 hours, it will be exactly 2 months and a day since my mum was rushed to the hospital in distress. 2 months since I spent the night that was to be her last, with her at the hospital and a day short of 2 months since she passed on – to continue her journey as the beautiful, amazing soul that she is.

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Does she make it?

You know, the last time I checked, I had approximately 14+ hours to post an awesome, wonderful blog post to mark the very first post for the very first day of this crazy little thing called Nano Poblano 2017.

However, as I look at the time right now, I have a grand total of 1 hour and 24 minutes to meet the deadline of my very first post for the very first day of this crazy little thing called Nano Poblano 2017.

And so it starts…

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oh beautiful, amazing life. With all its twists and turns, with its surprises that are sometimes good and sometimes not too good, jolting you from one phase to the next, causing upheavals in well laid plans only to teach us that sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and to remind us that plans are living, breathing things that should have the flexibility to shift, turn, expand and contract when it needs to.

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When it has been almost 3 months since you’ve written something, anything remotely creative.

When you want to put words to page (or screen, as in this case), but your mind is strangely blank but full of half baked ideas.

When you stare through the window, looking at the sky for some form of inspiration.

When for some reason you feel sleep almost dragging you with it, but you know you’ll be unable to sleep.

When you have all these plans but feel at this very moment, completely unable to form thoughts that have any direction.

When you type the letters, deleting them, re-typing them and then re-deleting them again.

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2016: Part 1

In the past week, George Michael and Carrie Fisher have both departed this earthly plane. My Facebook news feed has erupted with a lot of fist shakes at 2016 for taking away not one but two entertainment icons. To many of us children of the 70’s and 80’s both these souls were a big part of our lives. In fact, poor 2016 has been getting a lot of flack for a lot of things.

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An apologetic announcement

This goes out to everyone who has me on Facebook and WordPress reader. You would have noticed that there magically (nightmarishly) were a flood of posts from this blog. I’d like to apologise for that. As you can see by the title of the posts, these are all really old ones and were all put in one “Page”. Continue reading “An apologetic announcement”