An apologetic announcement

This goes out to everyone who has me on Facebook and WordPress reader. You would have noticed that there magically (nightmarishly) were a flood of posts from this blog. I’d like to apologise for that. As you can see by the title of the posts, these are all really old ones and were all put in one “Page”. Continue reading “An apologetic announcement”

Moving ahead…


So, for those of you who follow and/or visit the blog (not the same thing sometimes 😉 ), you may have noticed a little change. I took the leap and registered this site as a .com, so the web address is now . I did this about a week ago, I think. I’m not too sure, and I’m a little lazy to check my email to see exactly when I did..ha! Some things don’t change. I also registered another blog quite some time ago and named that mainlycoloursandmandalas .

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November and being crazy

It’s a Saturday morning and it’s ridonkulously early at 6.12 am as I type this. It’s the 29th of October and in another 2 days we will be greeting the month of November. A few days ago I made a decision that may mean a few things: I still make some impulsive decisions; I can be completely and irrationally optimistic or I must be going a little mad.

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Is she here to stay?

So, how does one start a blog post after disappearing from the face of the blogoshpere for so long…

Maybe a “Hello!” ? Or maybe a “Hi!”?

It’s been ages. More than a few ages I think. I don’t even know if those I called friends on here are still blogging or if they have left this space of sharing for good or even if they’ve taken some time off, like me.

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Small announcement: A sort of internet break

Dear friends and readers, visitors of this blog,

Firstly, I’ve had notifications of new people who have clicked the Follow button to this blog, and for that I want to thank you!

Secondly, this little announcement letter is to inform you that I’m taking a sort of short break from the land of WordPress and the Internet till the end of this month. I’m not sure why I feel like it, so I’m taking it as a time to relax and instead read and just…be.

I’ll be back on the first Sunday of February as usual to post blog posts, read your wonderful blogs and comment on them as I usually do.

Thank you! 🙂